Case Study: Successful Social Media Campaigns 

Feeling lost when it comes to social media marketing? Fear not. We’ve curated a list of top-performing social media campaigns to inspire your next move. From leveraging user-generated content to making bold social statements, these campaigns showcase a variety of strategies that yielded impressive results. Dive in to discover what made these campaigns stand out and gather some actionable insights for your brand. 

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IHOP’s temporary rebranding to IHOb, with the “b” standing for burgers, created a massive buzz on social media. The mystery behind the “b” and the playful nature of the campaign kept people guessing and talking. 

The reveal of burgers as the new menu item surprised many and droves significant engagement. By creating a sense of mystery and then delivering a surprising twist, IHOP successfully captured the public’s attention. 

Advice: Incorporate surprise elements in your campaigns to pique curiosity and generate buzz. 

The Best A Man Can Be by Gillette 

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Gillette launched its #TheBestAManCanBe campaign, tackling the issue of toxic masculinity. The ad sparked intense debate, with some praising Gillette’s bold stance and others criticizing it. 

Despite the polarized reactions, the campaign garnered over one million mentions on its first day. This campaign was a prime example of a brand taking a stand on a social issue, aligning its message with its core values, and engaging in a broader conversation. 

Advice: Modern consumers care about your brand’s stance on social and environmental issues. Join or initiate conversations that align with your brand’s values but be prepared for mixed reactions. 

Dove and Getty Images’ #ShowUs 

Dove, a long-time advocate for body positivity, partnered with Getty Images to launch the #ShowUs campaign. This initiative aimed to create a more inclusive vision of beauty, featuring 5,000 images of women from 39 countries. 

The campaign led to a significant increase in searches for terms like “female leaders” and “female empowerment” on Getty’s platform. By addressing a societal issue and providing a practical solution, Dove reinforced its brand message and drove engagement. 

Advice: Partner with organizations that share your values to create campaigns that resonate deeply and have a meaningful impact. 

Charmin’s Use of Characters 

Even toilet paper can be engaging with the right approach. Charmin uses adorable bear characters to bring personality to its brand. These characters participate in popular hashtags and trends, making Charmin relatable and memorable. 

Consistency in visual branding, along with the use of characters, helps Charmin stand out. Their campaigns frequently trend on Twitter, showing that even mundane products can achieve social media success. 

Advice: Use characters to add personality to your brand and maintain visual consistency to make your campaigns easily recognizable. 

The Unicorn Frappuccino by Starbucks 

Starbucks, a brand already synonymous with coffee culture, faced the challenge of keeping its social media content fresh and engaging. Enter the Unicorn Frappuccino. This limited-time, vibrant, color-changing drink was more than just a beverage; it was a social media sensation. 

The campaign’s success hinged on its novelty and visual appeal. By announcing the Unicorn Frappuccino as a limited time offer, Starbucks created a sense of urgency. The drink’s enchanting qualities—changing colors and flavors when stirred—made it highly shareable on platforms like Instagram. Hashtags like #starbucksunicorn and #unicornfrappuccino went viral, generating a flood of user-generated content (UGC). 

Advice: Consider tying a time-sensitive promotion to something unique and visually appealing about your product to encourage UGC and boost social media engagement. 

Apple’s Share Your Gifts 

Apple’s holiday campaign, “Share Your Gifts,” tells the story of a girl who creates music in secret until her dog inadvertently shares it with the world. The ad encourages iPad and Mac users to share their creative talents. 

This heartfelt campaign resonates with Apple’s core audience of creators and showcases how Apple products enable creativity. The narrative-driven ad emphasizes the emotional connection users have with their devices. 

Advice: Highlight how your products empower your customers and encourage them to share their creations. 

Nike’s Dream Crazier 

Following the success of “Dream Crazy,” Nike launched “Dream Crazier,” featuring Serena Williams. The campaign addressed the challenges faced by female athletes and encouraged them to pursue their dreams despite societal barriers. 

By aligning with high-profile athletes and addressing relevant social issues, Nike inspired its audience to dream big. The campaign’s powerful message and celebrity endorsement amplified its reach. 

Advice: Leverage social proof by featuring influential figures who align with your brand’s message to inspire and motivate your audience. 

REI’s #OptOutside 

When REI announced that it would close its doors on Black Friday, encouraging people to spend the day outdoors instead, the #OptOutside campaign was born. This bold move differentiated REI from other retailers and resonated deeply with their audience. 

By promoting values over sales, REI built a loyal community that shares its appreciation for the outdoors. The campaign’s longevity and the continued use of UGC to highlight outdoor experiences have cemented its success. 

Advice: Align your social media campaigns with your company’s values and create initiatives that your audience can rally around and participate in. 

Spotify Wrapped 

Spotify Wrapped has become an annual tradition that users eagerly anticipate. By offering personalized retrospectives of their listening habits, Spotify enables users to share their music preferences with their social circles. 

This campaign’s success lies in its personalization and shareability. Users enjoy reflecting on their music choices and comparing them with friends, which generates widespread engagement on social media. 

Advice: Create personalized experiences that your audience can share, enhancing engagement and broadening your reach. 

How SwaysEast Can Amplify Your Campaigns 

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TikiBar: Automates appointment setting, making scheduling a breeze and freeing up time to focus on campaign strategy. 

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Surf: Manages your sales funnel, tracks lead, and enhances customer management to ensure no opportunity is missed. 

By leveraging SwaysEast, you can create, market, measure, and manage your campaigns seamlessly, just like the successful examples highlighted here. 


Successful social media campaigns often combine creativity, timely relevance, and a deep understanding of the target audience. Whether through bold social statements, engaging visual content, or heartfelt storytelling, these examples demonstrate the power of strategic social media marketing. By integrating SwaysEast into your workflow, you can craft your own strategies that resonate with your audience and drive meaningful engagement.