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Effortlessly manage and validate your content creation

From a sole proprietor to the largest enterprise, Cabana plans your media campaigns and tracks progress across contributors while gathering content engagement statistics which are used for AI and ML to further refine and curate the impact of your content.

increase efficiency and productivity

Tired of bottlenecks that hinder your team's digital workflow?

Missing out on deadlines and failing to release content in a timely manner in today’s market can result in missed opportunities that your competitors may take advantage of. Inefficiencies in content creation that arise from the friction of poor communication and management tools may cost you more than just time. Learn how to cut down on inefficiencies and keep your team focused on what matters.

Craft better content

outperform the competition

real-time analytics

Analyze as you type

Get critical information as you write and draw insights immediately to help target your intended audience and achieve the perfect tone for your content.

automated project workflow

Everything in one place

View campaign and client status with the click of a button. Reduce bottlenecks and improve team productivity caused by poor communication.

How it works

a streamlined process to optimize efficiency

Specify what type of document you need and create a content brief for your content writers. This will help them understand and achieve the specific targets you’re looking for.

Assign a specific content writer to work on the document you’ve just created. Set deadlines and dates for revision to give feedback. 

To ensure your content writers meet specific targets, Cabana will help track parameters that you’ve set previously such as word count and reading time, as well as AI–driven parameters like Sentiment Analysis and Reading Comprehension Level.

Using the content brief and the project parameters you’ve set, your content writers will begin working on the document you’ve assigned them to.

After your content writers have submitted their work for approval, you may give comments and feedback for their revision, until you approve a final iteration of the document.

Behind the scenes

data-driven technologies at work

Sentiment Analysis

Get feedback on how your target audience might perceive your content. Cabana's Machine Learning algorithms will interpret and classify the overall sentiment of your content.

Natural Language Processing

Know the right terms to use for your campaign. Get real-time statistics and suggestions from Cabana on how to improve your content to fit your intended target audience.

Keyword Optimization

Ensure that your content is seen by the right audience. Cabana will point you in the right direction to maximize visibility by search engines.

Latest blogs and insights

Stay up to date with relevant news, tips, and insights about content creation

Intelligent writing is just one click away

Stop dwelling on the logistics of your projects, and empower your team with the right tools to create data-driven content that your clients will love.