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Top 5 Email Marketing Mistakes
Email marketing is still the most effective business communication channel to your target audience. But with almost 300 billion emails sent and received daily worldwide, your email content must stand out in order to illicit the engagement response you’re expecting. There’s a smarter way to do email marketing.   Here are the top five mistakes email marketing mistakes to avoid.   Using bad sender info “I look […]
Email Tracking: What You Need to Know
Email tracking provides the sender with visibility into who opened the email they sent when it was opened – a few even go so far as to tell the sender where the email was opened. Email tracking is a basic but effective sales and engagement monitoring tool that marketing professionals and salespeople leverage to evaluate the quality and efficiency of email marketing campaigns and lead engagement.  How does […]
Digital Use Around the World
A world without the Internet, by now, is unimaginable. The World Wide Web is considered a core pillar for getting information, connecting people, and doing businesses in this digital age. Let’s take a look at some of the most important headlines in terms of global Internet usage today. Snapshot of Digital Use around the World […]
SwaysEast – Smarter Digital Marketing Solutions
SwaysEast Press Release  ——————– September 8, 2020  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Hong Kong, Hong Kong  ——————–  Media Contact  Name: Aaron Jackson  Email:    ——————– SwaysEast – A comprehensive suite of smart marketing solutions – Cabana, Riptide, & Tiki Bar – providing content creation, scheduling, distribution, lead management, and analytics in one data-driven and easy-to-use digital platform.   Digital marketing can be overwhelming and expensive, but your marketing tool doesn’t need to be. Introducing SwaysEast, the smart […]
Introducing Riptide Beta: SwaysEast Rolls Out Riptide Beta Test
SwaysEast, the all-in-one digital marketing automation platform designed for content creation, distribution, and analytics, is in the final development phase of its suite of smart marketing tools: Cabana, Riptide, and Tiki Bar. Now, just one step away from the general release, the company is inviting anyone who wants to participate as beta testers – offering […]

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