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SwaysEast is a suite of marketing tools: Cabana, Riptide, and Tiki Bar that combine content creation, scheduling, distribution, lead management, and analytics into one data-driven and easy to use platform. It is the only all in one digital marketing tool that provides the ability to create, market, measure and post directly onto your site. What’s more, it integrates reporting into one place so you can accurately measure the impact of your marketing.

SwaysEast’s smart tools are an end-to-end solution for objective, intelligent, and data-driven content creation and distribution. It offers marketing teams and agencies the power to ensure continuous flow across all activities plus the data to measure results.



Create better content with Cabana. Get data-driven insights into the quality of writing and writer through a set of objective metrics and analytics. Find out which content and which writer achieves results and why. This will allow you to make objective, data-driven and informed decisions on when, where, why, and how to improve the content creation cycle for optimal engagement with your target audience.

Track the emails you send and gain insights through Riptide. Learn when and where emails are opened for a better understanding of the target audience’s behavior, location, and the impact of emails based on the open rate.

Capture leads by letting customers book an appointment seamlessly through Tiki Bar. Allow customers to pick a schedule and identify which product or service they are interested in so you can easily assign the appointment to the appropriate team member. This provides a convenient and seamless means of starting a conversation with customers.


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The SwaysEast suite of smart tools are designed to complement each other. The insights from Cabana, Riptide and Tiki Bar will help you establish effective strategies, build a data-driven content creation platform so you know what is working and why in order to measure and hone your overall marketing plan.

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