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Combine content creation, scheduling, distribution, lead management, and analytics into one data-driven and easy to use platform.


Putting it together

Our tools work together to paint an image of your target audience which improves constantly as people engage with your content, allowing you to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Track emails

A lightweight plug-in for your favorite email provider that allows you to gather important information about your recipients email viewing behavior.

Analyze content

A writing analytics tool to help streamline your copywriting team’s content creation and manage clients and campaigns all in one place.

Schedule appointments

A simple scheduling tool that allows you to create customizable events with personalized links so your clients can book without the hassle of back-and-forth communication.

Market emails

An SMTP provider that lets you easily build marketing emails and organize which groups of people to send them to, so you can cater your marketing strategies to your audience.

Getting started is easy

SwaysEast is an all-in-one digital marketing tool that provides the ability to create, market, measure and post directly onto your site. What’s more, it integrates reporting into one place so you can accurately measure the impact of your marketing.

1. Sign up

Either sign up for the SwaysEast FREE 60-day Trial or choose the package or smart tool that best meets your needs. You can subscribe to the SwaysEast full suite or select from the menu of individual tools.

2. Instant access

Get instant access to the SwaysEast dashboard once you set up your account and start using our smart tools.

3. Get the most of your marketing

The SwaysEast tools are designed to complement each other to help you build effective data-driven marketing strategies, with insights that tell you what is working and why.

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