A Beginner’s Guide to Riptide

A Beginner's Guide to Riptide

“One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions.” – Grace Brewster Murray Hopper, American naval officer and computer programming pioneer.   

This oft-quoted business adage confirms that you can’t improve what you can’t measure. While the universality of that statement is debatable, it doesn’t discredit the popularity of email marketing and its uses in today’s competitive business environment.  

According to Chad S. White, Head of Research at Oracle CX Marketing Consulting and author of “Email Marketing Rules”, there’s one thing that separates successful companies from struggling ones: those that invest in innovative email marketing tactics and strategies. A “one-size-fits-all” solution doesn’t sit well for these organizations, he said; rather, they are always well aware of changing customer behaviors and how these are vital for increasing awareness, engagement, and loyalty. 

Measurement definitely helps. Clicks, opens, conversions, and other similar data can prove the failure or success of an email marketing campaign and directly impact any organization’s short and long-term business goals. 

The use of email analytics to measure how people interact with email campaigns have never been more important in helping businesses thrive in a post-pandemic world. And you’ve got to have the right tool for creating the right message for the right subscribers and making sure they are sent at the right time. That’s where Riptide comes in and this is a beginner’s guide to using Riptide for better email performance 

What is Riptide? 

Riptide is a lightweight but powerful email plug-in that helps teams in content creation, curation, and personalization. If competitors are steering clear of lackluster titles, ambiguous value proposition or brand identity, and bad timing – then you’ve got no luxury to waste time and effort on those either. Throw uncertainties and guessing games out of the window and maximize endless opportunities to connect with your target audience through Riptide.   

Understand Your Audience. Harness the power of data-driven metrics to get all important insights about your target readers’ online preferences, expectations, and behavior. No need for a CRM or a dedicated email marketing tool – this simple plug-in can be seamlessly integrated with your favorite email provider. 

Comprehensive Dashboard. An easy-to-read control panel lets you view anything and everything you want to know about your email subscribers – what they’re reading, when and where they’re doing this, and how they’re accessing the content. Receive real-time notification pop-ups when your emails are opened  

In-Depth Statistics. Email analytics should never be boring nor complicated. At Riptide, visually appealing and well-presented graphs will guide you through the nitty-gritty of your target audience’s relationship with your email content. Get full visibility and utmost clarity into bounces, complaints, suppressions, and unsubscribes so it’s easy to diagnose what’s impacting your deliverability. 

Compatible With Gmail and Outlook. Riptide allows easy tracking of emails on both Gmail and Outlook.  

Filter Effortlessly. The truth is it all comes down to who you are, what you’re sending, and who you’re sending to – and that’s what you’ll get here: efficient audience segmentation. Just look for the Tags section so you can label subscriber groups, email types, and other relevant information accordingly. Track your tags and draw comparisons to zero in on the factors that have the biggest impact on your email performance. 

Assess Email Performance. Know which emails has the most opens and clicks and which ones aren’t delivering your messages so you can improve performance on your next send. There’s also information by geographical location so you can figure out the best way to interact with users all over the world. 

Data-Driven Technologies At Work 

Hour Heatmap. Find out the optimal time to send emails to maximize opens, click-throughs, and conversions. 

Browsers. Find out which browsers your readers are frequently visiting to make sure your digital marketing content is compatible and optimized. 

Devices Used. Find out what and how many different devices your audience are using and ensure that your messages are tailored to them. 

Detailed Email Tracking For Everyone  

  1. Write an email. Using Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, compose an email that you want to track and gain insights. You can track any email regardless of the email service provider your email recipient is using.   
  2. Activate the Riptide plug-in. Ensure that the Riptide plug-in is turned on and enabled for the email that you’re about to send. This will help you track important data information from your recipient/s. 
  3. View status updates and reports via the Riptide dashboard. After sending the email with the Riptide plug-in enabled, you can view in-depth analytics and status updates of tracked emails over at the Riptide dashboard. Through its intuitive interface, you can filter through individual emails, or view them in bulk at a time.  

Track Emails With Ease 

Get all the performance statistics you want for email marketing within a single platform and stay up to date with the content that matters to your audience. Get started with Riptide today FREE!