Why You Need to Learn New Digital Marketing Skills

Learn New Digital Marketing Skills

Customers have come to trust internet channels and technology for browsing, gathering information, and making purchases. As a result, brands are in need of marketers with in-demand and transferable digital abilities. 

Firms around the world are looking for digital expertise to help them stand out from the competition and adopt strategies for the new customer journey to generate leads and revenue.  

Marketers must continue to learn new skills in order to remain relevant.    

There are plenty of opportunities for marketers with current and relevant digital abilities. The issue for many marketers is that they lack the abilities that businesses require to grow and flourish in the digital world.  

“Digital abilities are required for all of the top in-demand marketing jobs. As a result, it’s critical to upskill and keep on top of not only new things, but also all areas of digital marketing. As a discipline, it’s only going to grow in importance, and staying current is critical,” says Ken Fitzpatrick, CEO of DMI.  

Here are five crucial ways to keep your digital marketing abilities up to date, whether you’re just starting out or an experienced digital marketer:  

  • Find digital marketing influencers in a field that interests you, such as social media or search marketing.  
  • Keep up with trends and changes by subscribing to specialist blogs or podcasts, such as the DMI blog and podcast.  
  • Enroll in a short or intensive digital marketing course, depending on the skills you require.  
  • Whether you’re currently employed, inquire about in-house training or if there is a training fund that you may utilize to outsource training.  
  • Connect with professionals on social media sites like LinkedIn and update your LinkedIn profile to increase your chances of being discovered and linked.


Learning new skills and staying current can take time and work, but it will be worthwhile when you snag that ideal job (remote or otherwise) or get that promotion you’ve been hoping for.  

Alison Battisby, Social Media Consultant at Avocado Social, gives some suggestions if you’re not sure where to begin. “Many professionals want to learn more about topics like social media ROI, social media advertising, and content development. That’s where the need in digital marketing is, and those are the three areas where a lot of people feel they need to upskill.”  

Flexibility Is Here To Stay And Digital Skills Are Essential   

The speed with which the marketing landscape is changing is linked to evolving digital technology, shifting consumer behavior, and the digital marketing needs of both large and small businesses. For more insights on how to succeed in the digital marketing industry, check out SwaysEast’s blog here.