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Although email marketing may seem outdated in today’s digital marketing environment, it remains an important marketing channel. The consistency, command, and low cost of email marketing have kept it at the forefront of marketing methods.  Email marketing is an owned media channel, which means that the marketer has more say over the message and the audience they reach. That is why an email tracking software was born.

To incorporate marketing fads like gamification and influencer marketing into your digital strategy, you may need to increase your budget, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll reach a large enough audience to see a significant uptick in conversions. These methods are likewise types of bought and earned media, but they give businesses less say and require more effort and testing to yield great ROI. 

More options to connect and engage clients at a reduced cost can be found through email marketing, which is used by 4 billion people every day. Customers would rather receive emails once a week than any other kind of business contact. As an added bonus, thanks to advancements in automation, email marketing now boasts one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) of any marketing medium. 

The information that is obtained through email tracking enables businesses to arrive at deliberative and informed choices regarding their operations. Email tracking solutions make this process easier by gathering data on open rates, the time and location at which emails are accessed, and the location at which they are accessed. They also help with click-throughs on links and attachments, which is a useful feature. 

Any company may hone its email marketing strategy to attract the most qualified leads and consumers by making use of accurate data. Tracking your emails can provide you with quite a few useful perks. You need to be able to harness email marketing in the most effective way possible if you want to make the most of the opportunities it presents.  

The following are the top six reasons why we could never quit tracking emails, and why you shouldn’t stop doing it either: 

  1. Email tracking enables more in-depth analysis.

You may improve the effectiveness of email marketing by refining your mailing list and the messages you send out if you use email tracking. The tracking of a prospect’s emails provides you with a comprehensive history of what they’ve done. You can receive a rather accurate picture of what a potential customer is contemplating. For example, you may find out what time of day or what day of the week a candidate normally reads their mail. 

That is a significant advantage of using tracking for email. You now have a notion of what approaches are successful and which ones are not. You could construct a social profile of the potential customers relatively easily. This enables you to choose the optimal time to get in touch with applicants. A company’s level of success is directly proportional to its ability to anticipate and respond appropriately to changing market conditions. This is exactly what email monitoring software accomplishes for you by providing context and insight about the recipients of your messages. It is one of the primary factors that determines the success or failure of a company. 

  1. Email tracking enables the creation of fantastic analytics

You are able to optimize results according to open and click-through rates if you have access to the appropriate analytics. The entire process of email marketing can be made more effective with the use of data from email analytics. By utilizing the data at your disposal and employing email analytics, you can increase the level of engagement your prospects have with your company and win their loyalty. You are able to engage in complex behavioral segmentation in order to connect with your prospects in a manner that is more personally relevant to you. It is one of the most significant advantages of using email tracking. 

  1. Tracking e-mails led to greater follow-ups 

Once you have accurate mail open rates, you will be able to begin a follow-up campaign that is more specific. You are no longer required to rely on luck or chance in order to receive leads. Email tracking provides one of the most significant benefits in this regard. When you follow up with someone, you can be guaranteed that they will provide a good response when they receive your message. The importance of email monitoring cannot be overstated in relation to the overall effectiveness of email marketing. 

  1. The ability to track email saves time.

Tracking emails helps firms send and receive emails more efficiently, which results in significant time savings. It is doubtful that recipients who have not opened your first email will open subsequent emails you send to them if you follow up with them. Email monitoring eliminates the possibility of this happening, which frees up a significant amount of time for email marketers.  

If someone clicks on a link in your email, it’s possible that they are interested in what you have to offer; it would be prudent to get in touch with them as soon as possible. It is absolutely necessary to be proactive in today’s highly competitive environment. This includes making contact with customers just when they are ready to make a purchase. Due to the accurate insights provided by email tracking, a company is able to make very rapid adjustments. 

  1. Timing is optimized by the use of email tracking 

If you are aware of which days of the week are optimal for mailing, you can more effectively plan out your mailing calendar. When it is planned, well-thought-out, and tuned properly, email marketing is at its most effective. Otherwise, it’s just spam, which will irritate the people that make up your target audience. Anyone who is skeptical about the benefits of tracking emails should give it some thought. Send marketing emails to consumers at a time when they are ready to receive them and in a good frame of mind to do so. You will have a better chance of expanding your company if you make use of email monitoring software because it enables you to prepare follow-up emails with pinpoint accuracy and precision.  

  1. The ability to track emails increases precision.

A data-driven strategy for email tracking is one way to boost the accuracy of your email communications. Every single day, there are over 269 billion emails sent and received. The fact that nearly forty percent of these are tracked demonstrates how vitally crucial email monitoring is to marketers. because email tracking increases delivery accuracy, which in turn leads to a significant rise in return on investment. Email marketers can profile their prospects and rank them in order of priority by using every piece of information they have about the recipient, including the device that the recipient uses to receive the email. Email marketers in the modern era have access to a large number of prospects. They have access to a wealth of analytical data, which, thanks to email tracking, enables them to make significant inroads into the realm of email marketing. Email tracking is yet another advantage that simply can’t be overlooked. 

The Prospects for Email Follow-Up Systems 

Because it is so prevalent in today’s digital world, monitoring email is an extremely helpful tool. It is possible for your sales staff to take complete control of the selling process with this. They will not lose any email from their prospects and will be able to respond to every contact they get because of the notifications regarding reading emails and responses. Any potential customer would be more interested in doing business with a company if its sales force was always one step ahead of the competition.  

The rates at which your emails are opened and clicked can also be analyzed via email tracking. You can experiment with different formats for the emails you send to your prospects. You will learn which method is most effective for you if you carry out these steps first. You should experiment with as many different permutations as you like until you find the one that suits you the best. 



When it comes to the optimization of email marketing efforts, the usage of email tracking can be an extremely helpful tool. You will be able to monitor the engagement of your customers, assess the efficiency of email marketing efforts, and hold your personnel accountable for the response times they provide to email if you make use of email monitoring software. 


Tracking email is a flexible strategy that can be beneficial to a variety of different aspects of your company. Either you can implement email monitoring into your knowledge management system or utilize it to increase the success of your email marketing campaigns. Utilizing the insights that are supplied by email monitoring enables you to construct data-driven marketing efforts for your company that are more effective. 

Waves is a tool that can help you learn from your email. 

Waves enables users to access data-driven metrics in a centralized location. Conduct research on the engagement rates of each email and marketing campaign plan. Conduct an analysis of the performance indicators that are responsible for driving results, and determine the areas in which there is room for improvement. 

Utilize effective marketing tools in the event that you require further assistance with your email marketing. Content marketing is an effective strategy, but it can be challenging to choose where and how to get started with it. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when there are so many moving components to consider. However, if you approach your material with an all-encompassing strategy in mind, the results will speak for themselves, and they may even cause you to reevaluate your perspective on marketing in general!  

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