What is The True Cost of Scheduling Friction?

What is The True Cost of Scheduling Friction?

One of the most challenging aspects of starting and growing a business is finding leads, turning prospects into clients, and building a customer baseAppointment no-shows and reschedules happen. However they cost a lot of time and resourcesprevent the building meaningful relationships with clients, and can significantly impact business bottom line. It is crucial that your business make this final step in the lead generation process as frictionless as possible. Frustratingly a complicated, clumsy, and poorly planned scheduling system can quickly waste all of the time and effort spent building a meaningful, valuable, and long-lasting customer relationship. 


Defining Appointment No-Shows and Reschedules 

 There are two possible outcomes: 

  1. Client does not show up and reschedules for another time  
  2. Client does not show up and does not reschedule  


Reasons for Appointment No-Shows and Reschedules 

To err is human, as the saying goes, but appointment no-shows and reschedules can be minimized. Businesses must be aware of the reasons why this happens in the first place.  

  • Client forgot or didn’t know there is a booked appointment 
  • Client had a genuine need to not attend the appointment  
  • Client does not fully understand the reason for the appointment 
  • Client is fully aware of the appointment but doesn’t see the reason as compelling or urgent 
  • Client didn’t realize the value of giving you notice about appointment cancellation/rescheduling  


Impact of Appointment No-Shows and Reschedules 

  1. Ineffective Time Allocation
    Appointment no-shows and reschedules are an opportunity vacuum. The time spent waiting for a client that never shows up, or reschedules for another time, deprives businesses of the valuable chance to interact with the client.
  2. Productivity Loss
    When clients fail to show up or reschedules at the last minute, it doesn’t cover fixed expenses to keep businesses operating. For example, employees still need to be paid even if they weren’t able to complete business transaction with no-show clients.
  3. Poor Customer Engagement
    One main factor for business growth is getting client feedback and honing existing strategy based on real customer experience. When a valuable percentage of your customer base fails to attend appointments, this damages your ability to build a meaningful relationship between business and consumer.
  4. Revenue Loss
    Business success is ultimately all about gross revenue, expense management, and profitability. Appointment no-shows and reschedules can lead to 20% potential revenue loss.
  5. Negative Impact on Customer Experience
    When it comes to setting up appointments, everything is interconnected. When clients request a different schedule, you have no choice but to accommodate specific requests; unfortunately, this can influence how other prospects get the best treatment and service possible. In case of appointment no-shows and reschedules: 

    • Will no-shows/reschedules significantly affect deadlines or time spent with other prospects?
    • Will waiting clients be upset with the changing of schedules or demand more efficient treatment and service? 
    • Will this make you and your staff look unprofessional? 
    • Will you and your staff know how to handle or what to say to late clients or customers who rescheduled?  
    • Do you or your staff know how to handle late clients? 


How To Find More Qualified Appointments Worth Your Billable time 

  1. Find the reasons that compel prospects and current customers.  
  2. Clearly articulate the value of your business product or service in a language your customers will understand.  
  3. Uncover the client’s specific need/issue so they can realize that you may have a viable offering/solution not found in other competitors.  
  4. Educate clients on the value of keeping to their scheduled appointments – that this is to ensure they receive consistent quality treatment and service on every meeting.  
  5. Create a no-show appointment policy and make customers fully of such policy to reduce no-shows or reschedules without giving sufficient notice. 
  6. Send reminders in advance and on a regular basis to help clients prepare for upcoming meeting.  
  7. Use reliable appointment scheduling tool for faster, simpler, more accurate scheduling.  


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