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Tiki Bar
Online Booking Tool

Let The Customer Set The Schedule

Eliminate the friction and potential for lost leads caused by the back and forth of traditional customer scheduling. Tiki Bar lets customers see the available schedules and select the time that works best for them when signing up for a consultation or appointment.

Tag the Product/Service the Customer is Interested In

Find out which product or service the customer was checking out when they decided to book an appointment. Identifying what the customer wants from the start creates a better customer experience. Tiki Bar also provides information on what products or services are working and attracting the most leads and which ones are not and why.

Online Meeting Scheduler
Online scheduling tool

Quickly Connect Customers With the Right Rep

Easily assign appointments to the right representatives. Tiki Bar features a team calendar that shows available schedules of members, so when an appointment is booked, it’s instantly assigned to a representative ensuring the customers will be contacted by the right representative.

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