The Most Innovative Things Happening With Cabana

The Most Innovative Things Happening With Cabana

Content is a valuable digital asset to any organization. It represents the identity of the brand, reflects the values of the company, and sets a strong impression for your business. One of the biggest challenges that faces business owners is having readable, engaging, consistent, and findable content.   

Content management systems (CMS) take the stress out of planning for content creation, delivery, and promotion. The best CMS are usually the simplest ones, having these initial must-haves:   

  • Technical savviness of users is neither a requirement nor an issue 
  • Multiple content managers are allowed 
  • Easy access, seamless collaboration, and real-time editing made possible 
  • Integration of third-party SEO tools and plugins 
  • Cost-effective, affordable, and scalable

While you can’t replace a solid content marketing strategy with tools, using the right ones can make content creation so much easier, more efficiently done, and more successful. There is a plethora of content creation resources available online, offering their own unique sets of features and specifications. One of these is Cabana. Let’s take a look at the most innovative things happening with Cabana.  

What is Cabana? 

Cabana is SwaysEast’s data-driven solution for content creation. SwaysEast is a comprehensive suite of smart digital marketing tools that combine content creation, scheduling, distribution, lead management, and analytics into one easy-to-use online platform. It helps companies strengthen their online visibility, credibility, and ROI across all marketing channels. 

With Cabana, users can effortlessly plan, validate, and manage media campaigns and content tasks using AI and ML. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a large enterprise, Cabana enables hassle-free setting up of new documents, assigning corresponding writers and metrics, and tracking of writing progress and submissions. It empowers busy business owners to take back those precious hours and spend it for more important matters.  

Cabana knows the value of productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness for any business regardless of type, size, and industry. Its carefully laid out system keeps everything in one place – from project category, writer assignment, document type to campaign period, deadlines, and client status. It reduces poor communication and bottlenecks while ensuring things are done how and when they are expected to be done.  

How Cabana Works 

1. Add a document 

Specify document type and create a content brief to help writers understand and achieve the specific targets you’re looking for.  

2. Assign to content writers 

Writers will be prompted when documents are assigned including deadlines for submission, editing, and approval.  

3. Set project parameters 

Metrics include word count, target keywords, and grammar analysis as well as reading comprehension analysis and sentiment analysis among other parameters. 

4. Content writers start working  

Using the content brief and the metrics provided, content writers will begin working on the document assigned to them. 

5. Managers give feedback and comments 

After submitting documents for approval, project managers will give comments and feedback for revision or approval.  

Data-Driven Technologies Behind The Scenes  

Keyword Optimization 

Cabana shows whether you have used the keywords assigned to that particular document, how many times it has appeared, and its density score. It points you in the right direction to maximize visibility by search engines and the right audience.  

Natural Language Processing 

Cabana gives feedback on the SEO friendliness of your content. It lets you know the clarity and readability of specific phrases and sentences while identifying mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This real-time proofreading and composition checking capabilities helps you hone your content to fit the expectations of your intended readers.  

Sentiment Analysis  

Cabana’s Machine Learning algorithms will interpret and classify the overall sentiment of your content. This is very helpful in finding out how your target audience might perceive your content. 

What Makes Cabana Different   

Like Trello and Asana, it is highly organized but very user-friendly. The simplicity of the dashboard UI provides a straightforward but detailed view of all projects. You can see what tasks are assigned to whom, when documents are created and needed for submission, which assignments need urgent attention or have issues to be dealt with.  

Like Word Doc, it has an easy-to-use writing template where you can type away and save the draft as it is. You can also edit the document based on essential tools on the right hand side of the page.  

Like Semrush and Yoast, writing metrics are readily available and easily accessible for content analysis and for optimizing the article for SEO purposes. Like SharePoint, you can leave comments for writers or teammates, and everyone gets notified right away for status updates of all documents.   

Now imagine all of those amazing features and capabilities in one comprehensive platform? Yes, it could do better with having a built-in plagiarism checker, simultaneous co-authoring, and automatic posting. But we’re guessing these will be included in future versions. For now, considering you don’t have to leave the platform create, assign, track, and approve documents, that’s the most innovative thing about Cabana – intelligent writing is just one click away!   

Want data-driven solution for content creation? Get started with Cabana today!