SwaysEast Suite: Mid-Year Updates and Enhancements 

SwaysEast is an all-in-one digital marketing tool suite designed to simplify and enhance your marketing efforts. It features a suite of tools – Cabana, Riptide, TikiBar, Waves, and Surf – each aimed at making your marketing life simpler and more effective. Think of SwaysEast as a digital marketing wizard that centralizes your content creation, scheduling, distribution, lead management, and analytics. 

How does SwaysEast Suite work its magic? 

Imagine having a dream team of tools working seamlessly together to streamline your marketing processes. SwaysEast Suite, with its components – Cabana, Riptide, TikiBar, Waves, and Surf – helps you create, market, measure, and manage your marketing campaigns effortlessly. Let’s dive into the mid-year updates and enhancements for each tool. 


What is Cabana? 

Cabana is your ultimate writing buddy within the SwaysEast Suite. It’s a writing analytics tool that streamlines content creation for your copywriting team, manages clients and campaigns, and offers insights to improve content impact. 

Can Cabana really make my content shine? 

Absolutely! Cabana acts like a content coach, helping you understand your audience better and tailor your content to hit the right notes. It also automates project coordination, freeing up time for you to focus on crafting compelling content. 

What are some of the most helpful features of Cabana? 

Cabana provides real-time data analysis as you write, helping you target your audience more effectively and achieve the right tone. Its project coordination automation makes content creation more efficient and ensures deadlines are met without hassle. 


What is Riptide? 

Riptide is your secret agent for emails. It’s a lightweight but powerful email plug-in that analyzes how recipients interact with your emails, offering crucial insights. It excels in email content curation and personalization. 

Can Riptide make my emails rock? 

You bet! Riptide reveals what’s hot and what’s not in your email campaigns. Integrating smoothly with email providers like Gmail and Outlook, it provides insights on when, where, and how your emails are being read. 

How does Riptide enhance my email marketing? 

By delivering clear insights into email interactions through detailed analytics and metrics. Riptide seamlessly integrates with your email providers, enabling you to monitor engagement and refine your email strategy for better effectiveness. 


What is TikiBar? 

TikiBar is your personal scheduling guru. It handles all the back-and-forth appointment emails and allows your clients to book appointments with ease, making scheduling a breeze. 

Can TikiBar really save me time? 

You got it! TikiBar simplifies life by automating appointment setups, providing customizable booking options, and allowing you and your clients to focus on more important tasks rather than scheduling. 

How does TikiBar make appointment scheduling easier? 

TikiBar automates the appointment setting process, saving time for both you and your clients. Its customizable booking options ensure a seamless scheduling experience, maximizing booking success and minimizing scheduling headaches. 


What is Waves? 

Waves is your email marketing superhero. It helps you craft effective email campaigns, track their performance, and uses AI to give your emails an extra edge. Waves excels in data-driven email campaign creation, template building, real-time analytics, and AI-driven reporting. 

How can Waves improve my email marketing efforts? 

Waves simplifies email campaign automation and provides comprehensive AI and ML-driven reports. It integrates seamlessly into your workflow, optimizing email content for better engagement and conversions. 

Can Waves really make my emails pop? 

Absolutely. Waves acts as your email sidekick, enabling you to build stunning email templates, access real-time statistics, and identify what drives audience engagement. It’s like having an email marketing expert on standby. 


What is Surf? 

Surf is your sales best friend forever (BFF). It keeps track of your customers, helps manage sales processes, and ensures you never miss a beat. Surf is focused on turning leads into satisfied customers. 

How does Surf improve customer management? 

Surf offers a visual dashboard of your sales funnel, boosting productivity through automation and efficient lead tracking. It’s designed to enhance growth, streamline workflows, and prioritize leads effectively. 

Can Surf really level up my sales game? 

Definitely! Surf acts as your sales wingman, providing a clear visual of your sales journey, aiding in smart automation, and keeping your sales team on target. It ensures you work smarter, not harder, to close deals and grow your business. 

In conclusion, the SwaysEast Suite continues to evolve, making digital marketing more intuitive and effective. Whether you’re crafting content with Cabana, optimizing emails with Riptide and Waves, scheduling seamlessly with TikiBar, or managing sales with Surf, SwaysEast is your go-to digital marketing powerhouse. Keep an eye out for more updates as SwaysEast continues to enhance your marketing toolkit! 

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