Riptide: [NEW] Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication

What is Passwordless Authentication? 

 Passwordless authentication is a method that verifies users into a system without the need to provide passwords. With this method, users do not need to remember or memorize a knowledge-based secret. 


Why ithere a need for Passwordless Authentication? 

 Keeping track of required credentials is a major challenge for many usersEach application has different password complexity requirements, making it difficult for a user to remember every password. 

 Passwords also hinder a user’s security in several ways. They are common grounds for identity attacks through hacking. Below are some practices that make passwords vulnerable to attacks:

  • Reusing Passwords
    Choosing the right passwords for all accounts from personal accounts to work accounts to social media platforms can be challenging. Most people then choose a single password to use across all platforms. While reusing passwords may be convenient, it could lead to major security problems. If a hacker successfully gets into one account, they could successively hack into the rest.


  • Using Weak Passwords
    Most people choose commonly used passwords such as personal names, date of birth, geographical locations, phone numbers, and pets names among others so that they can remember these easily. Remember that using weak passwords is a gift to hackers.


  • Improper Storing of Passwords
    Lack of proper password management, especially within companies, can lead to severe security attacks and consequences. Writing passwords on sticky notes or notebooks, which is common among users, can potentially leak passwords to the public. 


What are the benefits of Passwordless Authentication? 

  • Seamless User Experience
    Entering a password every time a user is using an application is quite a hassle. With this new authentication method, user experience is improved.Users do not have to remember the sophisticated use of secret numbers, letters, and special characters to be logged in. Thus, it is a much stronger two-factor authentication than one that is based on passwords. It requires only one action from the user.


  • Increased Security
    The significant advantage of this method of authentication is security. Users do not need to worry about phishing attacks and losing information from their cloud directory.Password duplication is common among most people, and when there is no password to hack, users are protected from the vulnerability. For businesses with many users, eliminating passwords reduces a lot of risks.


  • Fast and Convenient
    The process of remembering and entering passwords sometimes takes longer, especially if the characters are complex. But when you eliminate passwords during authentication, the process becomes easy and quick. Users do not spend much time inputting this. In most cases, authentication is one-time, saving valuable time.


How will Passwordless Authentication affect Riptide users and what do they need to do? 


  • New Login and Signup Process for Riptide and other SwaysEast products

    Passwordless Authentication2
    Logging in or registering now requires only a single field. Users would just need to enter their email address to either login or register. Users can also choose to sign in with Microsoft.

    Once entered,
    users will receive a confirmation prompt that an email containing one-time login link and code has been sent out to their associated email address.Passwordless Authentication1
    Upon clicking the link, users must enter the provided code and submit this to finish logging in or registering.

    Check out Riptide now to set up passwordless authentication.