Marketing Automation: Starting the Year Strong

When it came to marketing automation, 2023 was outstanding. The category has grown tremendously in the past two years alone. 

The marketing automation sector saw a 22% increase in sales to $5.86 billion from 2021 to 2023. By 2030, this amount is projected to more than quadruple, reaching over $13.7 billion. 

Is there a force at work here? In 2023, why did a growing number of businesses use marketing automation tools? How will that impact your company in the year 2024? 

Businesses were able to scale despite all the odds in 2023 thanks to automation. 

Generally, AI began making significant strides into marketing automation tools in 2023, with options ranging from basic, single-prompt solutions to more advanced, multi-prompt ones. 

But that is insignificant in comparison to what the new year brings… 

Major Shifts in Marketing Automation in 2024 

We are aware that automation is always changing. It will be critical, but not always easy, to keep up with the predicted trends in marketing automation as we head into 2024. Which trends are worth embracing?  

  1. Predictive AI 

In 2024, with the help of predictive AI, you can find out which leads require re-engagement, which ones are going to convert, and how much money your customers will spend and how much money your business will make that year. You can see the larger picture and have a goal to strive for when you develop the correct approach months in advance. 

By analyzing past and present data, predictive AI can identify trends and predict future events. To achieve this, it analyzes trends over months, quarters, and years to provide a glimpse of what the future may hold. If you’re a marketer who wants to be ahead of the curve, this is a lot faster than attempting to guess what’s going to happen. 

Companies can save money and find areas to improve to fulfill their revenue objectives with the help of predictive AI. In the future, automation will be even more advanced because of AI’s growing capabilities. 

  1. The future lies with promptology 

This year, artificial intelligence solutions like ChatGPT have revolutionized marketing, and we discussed them. In this AI era, the ability to write good prompts, or promptology, will be in high demand in the coming year. 


The most effective brands will have pre-made layouts and user interfaces with settings for precise clarifying prompts that allow for the creation of top-notch text and visuals. Improving the quality of your messages is a key function of these meticulously designed templates. The disparity between an excellent prompt and an inadequate one is immense. 

AI becomes a helpful copilot when given a well-written query that causes the AI program to produce extremely relevant and accurate results. However, no business wants to be accused of employing plagiarized content, and a badly constructed prompt is more likely to spit out incorrect information. 

This pertains specifically to the client. Customers interact with your business in a variety of ways, including visually through videos, verbally through social media, digitally through email marketing, and textually through website use cases. Disconnecting your consumers from your brand and risking your market position are also possible outcomes of using badly written AI-generated content on any of these platforms. 

  1. Autonomous AI 

Tools such as ChatGPT and Bard have established themselves and will likely remain popular. A growing number of businesses are getting inventive with their use of them in advertising. You can use these tools to speed up the more manual parts of your marketing indefinitely, from creating blog outlines to coming up with ideas for email subject lines and video scripts. 

There are many ways to improve your current processes with these technologies, but there are also some drawbacks to depending too much on AI to create your content and craft your brand messaging.  

While these technologies are helpful, they aren’t a substitute for humans because AI can’t match the sentiment that humans contribute. 

  1. Omnichannel Marketing 

Your clients engage with your brand’s message across a multitude of platforms. Your blog, social media, paid advertisements, website content, email, and much more fall under this category. It is your responsibility to learn how to engage them at each point of the funnel so that they return. 

By 2024, full funnel omnichannel marketing will have become crucial for creating a frictionless marketing experience for your brand’s interactions. Adapting your message for each channel might be challenging, but it’s essential for providing timely, relevant information to your clients. 

  1. Video Analytics 

Customer engagement with video content is no guarantee of customer engagement with long-form written material. Because of this, with the use of automation and data unification, you can guide distinct groups of customers through distinct funnels, allowing them to interact with your brand in a manner that resonates most with them. 

Marketing automation software is essential for the complicated tasks of keeping track of this data and developing multiple customer lists. Using automation to reach out to customers in numerous ways can greatly expand the reach of your marketing efforts. 


What marketing automation is capable of and will accomplish in 2024 is still very much underexplored. No matter what happens, one thing is certain: trends will emerge, even if we don’t know about them yet. Automation is both powerful and flexible.  

The best part is – marketing automation can be easily set up for any situation, regardless of your business. The first step in building a loyal client base is identifying your needs, developing your messaging, and deciding on the criteria that will drive your process. 

You won’t be sorry you made the investment, and laying the groundwork now will make it easier to incorporate emerging marketing automation technologies in the future. 

With the arrival of 2024, SwaysEast is reiterating its dedication to making smart marketing easier for everyone. These updates are crafted with one goal in mind – to empower you to achieve more with your digital marketing efforts. Stay tuned for a year filled with innovation, efficiency, and success as SwaysEast continues to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.  

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