Managing Business Appointments Like A Pro

Managing Business Appointments Like A Pro

Finding and keeping clients is one of the most challenging realities within the service provider industry. No-call no-show appointments are expected, but business owners shouldn’t have to live with a stressful scheduling process. Fortunately, there are simple steps that can ensure prospects stay committed to scheduled meetings. Manage business appointments like a pro with these tips and strategies.

  1. Recognize the warning signs early on.
    If after gaining a sales lead’s attention and your calendar invite was neither accepted nor confirmed, it’s a warning sign for a cancellation or no-show. A prompt response to your introductory email or text after your first encounter proves that your customer will hold up their end of the bargain when it comes to showing up for appointments.
  2. Take control of your calendar.
    There are many reasons why scheduling friction happens but this shouldn’t be a cause for productivity and emotional drain. Take control of your calendar by:

    • identifying the type of prospects that fit the ‘no-call no-show persona’
    • letting sales leads and clients know the reasons and significance of the appointment
    • providing a clear follow-up process in case of cancellations or reschedules

    This is a proactive approach not only to reduce no-call-no-show appointments but to allocate resources on serious leads, speed up the sales process, and close more deals.

  3. Set your scheduling limits.
    This is your business, and the rules you make should be clear for your prospects and clients. Having a customized appointment setting allows you to focus on specific goals and for customers to respect your availability (or non-availability) for appointments. With a pre-determined schedule, you decide:

    • When appointments can be scheduled
    • The number of booked appointments you accept in a day, week, or month
    • Whether prospects and clients can book or cancel appointments
    • Who are most eligible to fill the open appointment
    • How early (or late) can appointments be canceled or rescheduled

    Making your customers fully aware of your schedule limit is a way of showing you are serious about devoting quality time to attend to their business needs and other clients too!

  4. Improve Client Access
    Life sometimes gets in the way so when customers cancel at the very last minute because they were attending to more pressing matters or that they have simply forgotten about the appointment, being patient and understanding is the only right thing to do. But letting cancellations and reschedules get in the way will only hurt the business in the long run. Improve client access through the following:

    • Automate all scheduling tasks so you can focus on more relevant leads
    • Remind booked clients so they can prepare to go or cancel in advance
    • Utilize virtual appointments for customers who are willing to do so
  5. Schedule smart
    If your company still uses paper calendars, you may be surprised to know how much you’re missing out on. Automated booking tools enable businesses to experience simpler, more accurate, and more efficient appointment scheduling.


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