Leading Appointment Scheduling Software 2022

Leading Appointment Scheduling Software 2022

Appointment Scheduling is an essential tool for digital marketers. It helps improve customer satisfaction and retention, while also making the team’s work more streamlined and convenient.  

With so many options out on the market, it can get overwhelming to choose the best appointment scheduling software for your business. That’s why we rounded up the leading appointment scheduling software for 2022 – to help you take your business to the next level. 

Best Overall: TikiBar 

TikiBar is a booking platform for your business. It’s easy to use and can help you run your company better than ever before! 

TikiBar lets you schedule appointments and customize meetings all in one place. You don’t need a convoluted, cumbersome, or poorly structured scheduling system. TikiBar simplifies scheduling and booking, so your employees and customers can focus on what matters most.  

Using TikiBar, you can meet the booking requirements of each individual client in a flexible and frictionless manner. Everything from cancellation and rescheduling periods to event booking durations can be customized.  

With TikiBar, time slots are evenly distributed among team members based on their availability for medium to large teams.   

You can embed it on any website. Customers don’t have to be hassled by being directed to TikiBar. Provide clients with the ability to book directly on your website so they can focus on what you have to say and what you can do for them.  

Grow your customer base, generate leads, convert leads to clients, and expand your business with TikiBar. 


Calendly is a free online scheduling software that you can use to create and share online schedules. You can send an email to your clients or followers to schedule an appointment, or post it on your website, Facebook page or any other social media account. You can also customize the calendar by adding your logo and colors. 

Square Appointments 

Square Appointments is a free appointment scheduling software that works on the Square platform. It’s simple to use, easy to integrate with your business and a great option for small businesses. 

Square Appointments is similar to other options in that it allows you to create appointments by putting in the date and time of your event and choosing how many attendees will be attending (1-99). You can also add comments about why this person should attend your event as well as their name, which makes it easy for them to find out more information about what they’re signing up for before they come over so that they know exactly what kind of experience they’ll have at your event. 

Acuity Scheduling 

Acuity Scheduling is a great appointment scheduling software. It is easy to use and can be integrated with existing systems, which makes it an affordable solution for small businesses. If your business does not have an automatic appointment scheduler in place yet, then Acuity Scheduling will help you manage your customers’ appointments easily. 


SimplyBook.me is a simple and easy-to-use appointment scheduling software that integrates with Google Calendar, allowing you to create appointments on your calendar as well as invite people to join your company’s calendar. The platform also allows users to book appointments for free, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for an app that can help promote your business without any additional fees.  

SimplyBook.me offers other useful features such as assigning tasks in one place (such as sending out invoices), creating reports about how well each task was completed and viewing historical data about how much time each employee spent on various projects in the past year or quarter – all these features make this app worth considering when choosing what kind of appointment scheduling software should be used within your organization. 


10to8 is a free appointment scheduling software that makes it easy to manage your appointments, contacts and files. It’s an ideal choice for startups or small businesses that want an easy-to-use appointment system with all the features you need.  

10to8 has multiple scheduling options.  

  • Create new appointments in one click with the drag and drop interface. 
  • View your calendar on mobile devices with our native iOS app or Android app.  
  • Schedule multiple events at once using the new multi-event feature.

Doodle Scheduler 

Doodle Scheduler is a free, online appointment scheduling tool that makes it easy to plan, schedule and manage your events. With Doodle Scheduler you can: 

  • Schedule meetings in advance or on the fly (even if you don’t have all the details yet). 
  • Choose from an extensive library of templates for your calendar entry. 
  • Add a widget to your website so anyone who needs access can easily book appointments directly from their browser tab or desktop shortcut!


  • Bookeo is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software. It can be used by businesses of all sizes, from small local businesses to large corporations. 
  • With this app, you’ll be able to book appointments, meetings and classes on the go without having to spend time learning how to use it. 
  • The interface is simple and clean so it’s easy for new users or those who are just starting out in the workforce (like me).

Book Like a Boss 

Book Like a Boss is a web-based appointment scheduling software that can be used by businesses of all sizes. It’s the perfect solution for small businesses, as it’s easy to intall and easy to use.  

Book Like a Boss lets you make appointments from anywhere using your phone or tablet, no matter where you are in the world. Just log into your account and start booking appointments right away. 

Skedda Booking System 

Skedda is a free appointment scheduling software that gives you access to all of your patient’s records and allows you to customize it. This means if someone else needs access, they can do so without having to pay for their own account.  

As well as being free, Skedda is cloud-based and mobile friendly which means that it works on any device including tablets and smartphones with ease! You can also set up multiple users who have different roles within the system without worrying about security issues or privacy concerns; this makes sure everyone has full control over their own data no matter what device they use at any given time. 

Choose the right appointment software for your business to grow 

With the right appointment scheduling software, you can streamline your office. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to a streamlined system that provides more accurate records and quicker results. 

Booking and scheduling are simple and painless with TikiBar  

Focus on important business matters while keeping on top of scheduling appointments with your clients – all done automatically with TikiBar. Maximize appointment booking success by getting started today – it’s FREE!