Introducing Riptide Beta: SwaysEast Rolls Out Riptide Beta Test

Introducing Riptide Beta

SwaysEast, the all-in-one digital marketing automation platform designed for content creation, distribution, and analytics, is in the final development phase of its suite of smart marketing tools: Cabana, Riptide, and Tiki Bar.

Now, just one step away from the general release, the company is inviting anyone who wants to participate as beta testers – offering them an opportunity to explore the main features of Riptide.

The core features available during Riptide Beta Test include tracking when and where emails are opened, analyzing target recipient’s behavior during email engagement, and gathering insights presented in easy to understand reports. All these are accessible in its user-friendly dashboard. These capabilities are designed to help marketers improve email campaign performance – the smarter way.

SwaysEast anticipates that the Riptide Beta Test will help it achieve a well-designed version of the tool by the time it launches. The beta testers’ feedback from trying out the currently available features and report on bugs/issues will be used to make improvements in this newest email marketing tool.

If you want to participate in the Riptide Beta Test, fill out a quick registration form here. Beta Testers who will complete the testing will enjoy a 90-Day Free Trial and receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Register today and become a Beta Tester!

For more details about SwaysEast, visit https://swayseast.wpengine.com/


About SwaysEast

SwaysEast is a suite of smart marketing tools – Cabana, Riptide, and Tiki Bar – that combines content creation, scheduling, distribution, lead management, and analytics into one data-driven and easy-to-use online platform. It offers must-have insights and solutions for companies in any industry who are targeting to build and strength their online visibility and credibility across all marketing channels.