Improve Email Engagement: 7 Ways to Keep Subscribers Interested In Communication With Your Brand

Improve Email Engagement

Email engagement is a measure of readers’ response and interaction with emails. Creating emails that recipients are looking forward to receiving and reading can be a challenging task. Let’s look at seven ways to keep subscribers interested in communication with your brand.  

1. Create subject lines that generate high open rates 

Your subject line determines if subscribers will pay attention to your email or leave it unopened in their inbox. At least 45% of recipients decide to click on your email based on the subject line. Almost 70% of email users will mark emails as spam just by taking a glance at the subject line.  

Improve email engagement through these strategies: 

  • Keep it short but make it intriguing  
  • Use words that address pain points 
  • Include emojis  
  • Offer users value (a discount or a coupon) 
  • Use A/B testing to measure the performance of all email aspects that might have an impact on subscriber engagement 

2. Segment lists and target messages

Keep subscribers interested in communication with your brand by segmenting your email marketing list into distinct groups based on demographics, behavior, and engagement.  

Craft email offers to appeal to like-minded people to increase the likelihood of transactions, sales leads, and regular revenue. If the content speaks to recipients’ needs, it’s a no-brainer that they will click on that email and take the necessary action. 

3. Use personalization 

More than 40% of customers are frustrated by brands who fail to create personalized experiences, according to Accenture. Another study revealed that almost 85% of marketing specialists experienced higher open rates when they leveraged the power of personalization. 

Tailor content to better fit specific subscriber group. Customize the email with the intended recipients’ name or job title. However, go beyond the usual first name greeting at the start of your email; change parts of your content depending on the recipients’ gender, location, preferences, place in the sales funnel, etc. Personalized messages can encourage social sharing which multiplies the effect of your emails. 

4. Share relevant and exciting content 

Provide informative, exclusive content that readers will not find anywhere else. This includes: 

  • Industry expertise. Share your knowledge, curated newsletters, or exclusive insider tips to continuously remind subscribers about the value of being on your email list. 
  • Social proof. User-generated content, customer feedback, and testimonials from previous or existing clients will appeal to emotion and make your offer look more valuable.  
  • Incentivization. From limited time offers and subscriber-special promos to seasonal discounts and exclusive giveaways, these will trigger fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) and nudge recipients to open the email to make an action.  

5. Focus on the Call to Action

Optimizing your CTAs, or calls to action, will have a significant impact on email engagement and click-through rates. Avoid being filtered out by experimenting with everything – from copy and placement to frequency and design – to discover the best type of CTAs and buttons that will yield higher email engagement with your target audience.  

6. Pay attention to the preheader texts 

The preheader text, or preview text, is the snippet of text that is right below the email subject line. It should highlight your email’s value proposition. Make sure it is between 85 and 100 characters to prevent people from losing interest and closing the email quickly. Test your preheaders so it will look great with your subject line and induce recipients to click. 

7. Find the best frequency and timing 

The best frequency and timing depend on the target audience. Track previous opens and segment subscribers based on your business metrics. If emails are sent too early in the morning, they can get lost in a sea of a full inbox. If emails are sent too late at night, they might put off reading it until the next day. Run an A/B test to determine the most ideal frequency and timing to send emails.  

Always Be in the Know: Measure, Track, and Improve 

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