How to Use Waves to Transform your Email Marketing

How to Use Waves to Transform your Email Marketing

How to Use Waves to Transform your Email Marketing 

The approximate number of email users in 2021 exceeds 4 billion, which is more than half of the entire population on the planet – and it is set to grow to 4.6 billion users by 2025!  

Imagine how your business could grow if you incorporated the best email marketing strategies available. There’s a lot to know but you can use this list to transform your email marketing this year.  

1. Keep your emails simple and contextual 

Make your emails more relevant to your users so they will be motivated to open it. Someone who bought cat food from a pet store, for example, is more likely to respond to an email regarding cat care than someone who bought dog or fish food. 

You must classify your users into multiple categories depending on their behaviors to enable contextualization. There are email marketing tools that can perform AI-based predictive segmentation and put your users into groups like ‘Price sensitive,’ ‘Needs Attention,’ and so on. 

2. Personalize your emails through segmentation 

Create segments based on user choices and activity, and then use that data to send them targeted emails that address their most pressing needs or concerns.  

The following are some examples of email segmentation strategies: 

  • Segmenting by age, sex, and location 
  • Checking customer behavior on your app or website 
  • Analyzing customer purchase history 
  • Using quizzes and surveys to understand where their interests lie 
  • Mapping usage frequency

3. Use compelling offers to build email lists 

Purchasing a list is never a good idea – emailing people without their permission will cause more harm than benefit. It will not only impact the brand’s reputation, but it will also result in low open rates, which will impair the IP’s reputation, resulting in future emails being labelled as spam. 

Building a solid, healthy email list is the first step toward running a successful email campaign. Create exciting, new campaigns that will entice readers to share their email address with you. Attractive offers or exclusive deals are also another crowd pleaser and will make the process of collecting emails more fun.  

4. Improve email deliverability  

You should only send emails to the groups of individuals who are most likely to open them. This informs the mailing algorithm that your emails are not spam, allowing them to be stored in the ‘updates’ (or, better yet, ‘inbox’) folder. 

Other seemingly unrelated criteria, such as content and creativity, also have an impact on email deliverability. Emails that don’t look or read well go to the trash, which has an influence on future deliverability. It’s also critical to select an email marketing platform with high overall deliverability rates.  

5. Combine email marketing strategies with other channels 

You must approach each medium differently and ensure that your messaging is enjoyed by the consumer across all channels. Create geo-targeted email messages, for example, that are delivered when your customer walks past a store and offer a discount on their favorite products. You’ve just made a consumer follow-through with a purchase by sending them a push notification or an SMS with a discount code.   

This sort of omnichannel marketing is crucial for brands to stay relevant to customers and keep up with those customers that channel-hop. You’ll need to establish a strong brand presence across a variety of channels, including push notifications, SMS, in-app notifications, email, social media, and more. 

6. Periodically overhaul your email lists 

Inexperienced email marketers frequently make the error of emailing as many people as possible to increase conversion. What they don’t grasp (until it’s too late) is that this jeopardizes IP reputation. Review your email list every 6-12 month instead and retain only those email addresses that show the greatest open rates.    

Email open rates are essential to IP reputation, and an uninvited or irrelevant email will go ignored. The only way to maintain your open rates (and IP reputation) high is to choose your email list carefully. Send your emails just to those you know will read them. 

7. Track the right metrics for your email marketing strategy 

While open rates and click rates are still the most important metrics to track, there are a few others that shouldn’t be ignored, like: 

  • Deliverability and delivery rate 
  • Conversion rate and ROI 
  • IP reputation 
  • Subscriber health


8. Use the right email marketing tool to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy.  

Data driven email marketing campaigns are a foolproof way of connecting with and converting your target audiences. Choose the right tool with real-time analytics and AI driven reporting for seamless planning, creation, and delivery of email content that stands out from the crowd.  

Waves Can Transform Your Email Marketing 

Waves from SwaysEast utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to generate awareness among your intended recipients, build brand loyalty with customers, and drive revenue for your business.  

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