How To Outperform Competition With Content Analytics

Content Analytics

Content is one of the best business tools available to attract and engage prospects and customers. When done right, it can help you build brand awareness, generate leads, and boost revenue. For these reasons, marketers should focus on constantly creating the best quality content. 

One way to do this is by harnessing the power of content analytics – the act of applying business intelligence and analytics to digital content. Companies use different content analytics to track metrics such as the amount of content created and how it’s used.  

It isn’t enough to just publish great content and hope it works. You need to optimize your content creation efforts. It needs to be both engaging and strategic in order to set you apart from the rest of the pack. It also needs to be churned out as efficiently and consistently as possible, at the best cost.  

To maximize your content creation efforts, you need the data-driven insights of content analytics. This uses digital marketing tools such as Cabana by SwaysEast which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you create content that preforms and drives your business. 

To outperform the competition, you need to measure: 

– what you’re doing  

– the results you’re achieving 

– how these results justify your investment 

In particular, you need to pay attention to four key areas of content analytics – production, engagement, performance, and content scoring. These can easily be done using AI and ML through a marketing tool like Cabana by SwaysEast.  

In digital marketing, production is the creation of content assets from raw ideas. Some goals to set in this area are how many blog posts to post in a month, how many pieces to publish relating to each product, or how many articles are written by each author. Production metrics track the yield of your content team. This is important because it ensures an optimal level of output throughout the year.   

Engagement measures the impact of your content. It provides feedback on the effectiveness of the content through the number of shares, views, and comments. Engagement metrics are a good measure of how valuable the audience finds your content. This shows that your piece evokes interest, entertainment, or emotion. This is important as it will help your content reach a wider audience and increase the likability of your brand.  

Performance is how successful your content is in profitability and achieving marketing goals. It combines production and engagement metrics to see how well your content performed over a longer period. Performance metrics usually compare the piece of content against others, for example, top 5 categories, top 5 authors, or top 5 posts. This is a great way to measure what works and what to produce more of moving forward. 

Content scoring is tracking how a piece of content drives leads and conversions. It uses machine learning to see how effective a single article or post is. This tracks the revenue of your content marketing and helps pinpoint which pieces are driving sales. 

You need to identify the metrics that matter to you then find the right content marketing tool to help you track these. This holds your digital marketing team accountable and improves the accomplishment of your business objectives over time. 

It can be tedious to keep up with the constant demands of content marketing without the right tools. Cabana by Swayseast is an all-in-one content creation and content marketing tool. It helps reduce friction and bottlenecks within the team to produce quality content on time.  

With Cabana, you get to automate your workflow and see everything in one place. You can focus on the creative part of content marketing and leave the data and analytics to us. 

Cabana is feature-rich, with ML and AI capabilities that allow you an in-depth look at sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and keyword optimization. It provides you with real-time analytics as it can analyze as you type.  

To be successful at content marketing, you need to measure what you’re doing and how it makes an impact on your business. Make sure you use the best content marketing tool to help you beat the competition. Check out Cabana today – it’s FREE to sign up!