Getting Tired of Content Creation? 10 Sources of Inspiration That’ll Rekindle Your Love

Content Creation

Content creation is one of the most exciting processes you can get involved within the marketing industry, especially when it’s all about attracting a clearly defined audience and ultimately, driving profitable customer action.  

But there are moments when the words just can’t seem to make it onto the page. This can be a source of frustration and disappointment. Rest assured, this type of professional fatigue is universal among content writers. So, if you feel you’re getting tired of content creation, here are 10 inspiring sources to rekindle your love for writing.    

1. Write a bunch of headlines 

Spend a few minutes or a few hours focusing solely on headlines that covers all the essential topics in your industry. This way, you have enough on your content bank to last you for at least a couple of months or several quarters in advance.  

2. Look around 

Check in with the real world once in a while – not just on digital channels – so you can provide a fresh perspective to your content. If possible, incorporate your own daily challenges as a writer or as someone involved in your particular industry.  

3. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes 

List down what you think are the top five topics that your existing clients and prospects might be interested reading on your site. Include a bulleted summary for each topic and then get back to them as soon as you can.  

4. Review customer feedback & FAQs 

Listen to customers. They can be a valuable source of feedback, question, and reactions, that you can turn into potential topics for your blogs and social media posts. Your content calendar must include a list of statements that directly address any customer concerns.   

5. Scan the blogosphere  

It’s great that you write regularly on topics promoting your products and services. But it would also be awesome if you have content on new industry trends, expert insights, and market developments. Find out what bloggers, podcasters, and news sources are discussing and use these to write articles that will generate curiosity and engagement from your target audience.   

6. Follow back your social media fans 

Who says you should only look to field experts when it comes to awesome content pieces? Take a quick look at personal accounts of your social media fans so you can be aware of stuff they like, retweet, share, and engage about. The subject matter themes that show on their feed or timeline can inspire your next batch of content topics.  

7. “Stalk” the competition 

Don’t forget to visit your competitors’ sites. Browse through their blog pages and make a list of what they write about on a regular basis. The goal is not to imitate their work but to be inspired by their content when you write your own version for your site.  

8. Have a more in-depth discussion of a previously published topic  

It’s common for content writers to tackle tips, best practices, and a top ten list of specific topics. Occasionally, use any of these casual mentions as a starting point and delve deeper into the subject matter. This can be an excellent content series to showcase on your blog.  

9. Try a new process  

There are many ways to skin a cat, so to speak. This speaks true when it comes to content creation. If your routine is leaving you tired or uninspired, explore a new process you’ve never tried and see if that works fine with you.  

10. Think about something else 

Sometimes, the best way to avoid getting tired of content creation is to simply stop thinking about content inspiration. If you need to rekindle your love for writing, according to Russell Sparkman, is to walk away from it.  

“If you’re in need of “reinvigoration,” it means you’re in a seriously deep, non-creative rut. Ignore it. Go do something else, anything else, that gives your mind something else to work on and gets the heart pumping,” Sparkman explained. 

There’s a lot of pressure on content creators to churn out compelling content as part of their never-ending marketing and/or sales strategy. The next time you’re in a content rut, know that it’s all about the habits you form and follow. For all your content creation analysis and management, SwaysEast is here to help. Get started for free with Cabana today.