Everything You Need to Know About TikiBar

Everything You Need to Know About TikiBar

“I love waiting in long queues”, says no one ever. Witnessing potential clients eagerly hanging around to pay for a product or service could indicate that your brand is in high demand. You’ll have more appointments, resulting in increased sales and earnings.  

Long lines, on the other hand, might be aggravating for customers. It could even prompt people to cancel their appointments, become no-shows, and seek out a provider that is more accessible and has shorter lines, or use an online scheduling system. 

If your organization relies so much on customer reservations and appointments, you’ll need to figure out how to keep things moving smoothly. Using an online appointment scheduling system is one approach to improve your business bookings. 

An automated scheduling tool is a better way to accommodate your customers’ requests which can have a major positive impact on your business outcomes. Here’s how: 

1. Saves time for employees  

Consider how your company schedules appointments with a pen and paper and receives phone calls the old-fashioned way. This means that your employees will spend the majority of their time fielding phone calls, describing your services to various clients, and keeping track of the assigned schedules.  

Fortunately, utilizing a single online appointment scheduling system, all of these may be automated. For the clients’ side, they can save much of their time having to dial your number and call you for an appointment. On the one hand, you can reassign your employees to other critical activities inside your company instead of receiving calls and managing schedules. 

2. Decreases the number of no-shows 

There will always be clients who will continually cancel their appointments, try to reschedule at the last minute, or opt to be a no-show, regardless of the profession you’re in. Having automated the process SMS and email reminders can help you remind your clients about upcoming appointments and ensure that they don’t forget.   

3. Prevents overbooking  

When two or more clients arrive on the same day, this is known as overbooking. This is a common problem for some organizations, particularly those that use traditional appointment scheduling. This can happen, for example, if your team forgets to write down a certain client or fails to endorse a booking to the next shift, causing the next staff to believe that a specific slot is still open. 

Customers may be dissatisfied as a result of these inaccuracies, and your company’s reputation may suffer as a result. To avoid such blunders, it’s best to use online appointment scheduling to eliminate any booking redundancy. 

4. Compiles and maintains customer profiles  

There are online appointment systems that allow consumers’ information to be saved after their initial session or for as long as possible. You can use it as a reference for their habits and preferences if they book again.  

5. Promotes positive customer-business relationships 

If your business, for example, offers same-day and next-day appointments, your clients can easily make last-minute appointments if their calendar allows it. You may improve your company’s customer experience satisfaction by using the flexibility and accessibility provided by online appointment booking, which will eventually lead to a better customer-business relationship and lifetime brand loyalty. 

6. Allows quick and easy payments 

When you use online appointment scheduling, you can start earning money and collecting payments as soon as your customers make their reservations. Customers will benefit from this as well, as prepaid appointments ensure that they will be able to keep their appointments. 

Most significantly, you and your team will not have to worry about collecting money as soon as your customers arrive for their appointments. Instead, you can go ahead and use their services right away. 

Furthermore, even if a customer does not show up, you can still make money because you get to keep a portion of the payment as compensation. However, be sure to specify this explicitly in your terms and conditions so that they are aware of any cancellation fees before they occur.  

7. Boosts business revenues 

One of the most common advantages of adopting online appointment scheduling for your company is that it may help you simply enhance and grow your revenue. Clients may wish to return for your service because of the convenience provided by online scheduling. 

It also enables you to introduce and upsell additional services to your consumers throughout the booking process, providing them more alternatives and the opportunity to use your other services. Simply put, you can utilize the online appointment system not only to secure bookings, but also to market and launch more services online at no additional expense. 

Furthermore, the resources you’ve been using to manage appointments (such as pens, papers, printers, and phone call services) can now be put to better use. It may minimize the need to hire additional employees to work extended hours for corporate appointments. At the same time, basing staff scheduling on the number of appointments decreases the likelihood of allocating too many staff members in a single day. All of this adds up to more annual savings. 

Make the most of your appointment booking opportunities through TikiBar  

TikiBar is a one-stop booking solution that automates appointment scheduling and allows you to customize meetings. Don’t spend time and effort with a convoluted, cumbersome, and poorly structured scheduling system. TikiBar makes booking and scheduling simple, so your employees and customers can focus on the important things. Spend more time generating leads, converting leads to clients, growing your customer base, and expanding your business.  

TikiBar Improves Productivity and Revenue Capacity for Businesses  

Customized appointments. TikiBar enables flexible and frictionless booking to meet your individual client requirements. Change everything from the length of your cancellation p and rescheduling periods to the duration of your event bookings. 

Round-robin reservations. TikiBar is designed for medium to large teams to ensure that time slots are distributed evenly among team members based on their availability.  

Embed on any website. There’s no need to annoy customers by directing them to the TikiBar platform. Allow clients to book directly on your website, so they can focus on you and your content. 

How TikiBar Works 

1. Create an event.  

Set up business meetings tailored to the circumstances you specify. 

2. Invite your team.  

Add collaborators to your team so that you don’t have to deal with all of the logistics and booking requests alone. With the smart round-robin reservations feature, new bookings are divided fairly among your team members based on how busy their schedules are. 

3. Add your availability.  

Make it clear to your team members and clients when you are available to receive booking requests. This will give you an overview of the time periods you and your team have not covered, allowing you to plan for the best possible client experience. 

4. Share your personalized link. 

Customize your event link to be shared with your clients and embed the TikiBar application onto your website. This will also let others know about the products and services you are marketing.   

5. Customers book their preferred schedule.  

Your clients can now see the optimal times to contact you and your team based on their available schedule and book appropriately, while you and your team relax and watch the bookings come in. 

Booking and scheduling are simple and painless with TikiBar 

Focus on important business matters while keeping on top of scheduling appointments with your clients – all done automatically with TikiBar. Maximize appointment booking success by getting started today – it’s FREE!