Email Designs That Convert: 5 Conversion-Centered Design Tips For Email Marketers

Tips For Email Marketers
  1. Leverage email design grids to encourage email subscribers to interact with your content.

    The Inverted Pyramid design, among other email design grids, is an effective layout to entice readers to engage with your content and focus on what’s most important in your email.

    This design must contain the following:

    • Strong headline
    • Campaign’s key message
    • Attractive imagery and supporting materials
    • Easy-to-read sections
    • Prominently placed CTAs

    Takeaway: Email design grids enable marketers to fully experience a conversion-centered design process. More importantly, it highlights crucial details that readers will notice and drive them to finish the buying process.

  2. Include attention-grabbing colors, graphics, and imagery.

    Stunning visuals within emails lead to increased attention time, high shareability, and above-average conversion rates. Bright colors draw attention to the content itself while color blocking puts a spotlight to information you want to highlight.

    Canva’s graphic designer, Mary Stribley said, “Using various patterns of colors and different type sizes lets readers understand what’s important and what’s less important.”

    Make sure that each font, image, and color matches your brand voice and messaging. This will help achieve email personalization, build trust with subscribers, and increase clickthroughs.

    “When images are chosen wisely, reader engagement also improves,” according to Contently. “Avoid cheesy stock photos but instead appeal to subscriber emotion and be relatable.”

    Takeaway: Most of the time, plain-text emails work. But if there’s a need to launch new merchandise, promote existing products and services, or simply just stand out amongst competitors, creative email designs with bold hues and illustrations will certainly draw attention to the content.

  3. Break up your content

    Simple and visually pleasing emails are a must. Just because you need to include multiple layers of important information doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to make the content look distracting. Subscribers only have a few seconds to spare so make sure that your content order will make it easy for them to grasp the focus of the email while quickly being led to the CTA.

    Divide each section of the content using horizontal borders, interactive maps, geometric shapes, or color-blocking layout. This will emphasize each set of information and allow subscribers not to miss anything out.

    Takeaway: Break up your email into more digestible sections – strategically positioning compelling content and attractive visuals while taking advantage of whitespace to minimize frustration among readers and maximize engagement rate.

  4. Nail your CTAs

    Encourage subscribers to interact with your brand beyond the email platform by always including standout calls-to-action. This all-important ‘next step’ is the best way to measure and increase lead conversion.


    • Use action-oriented text such as ‘TRY OUT FOR FREE’ or ‘SHOP NOW’.
    • Make your button text large and legible but not too obnoxious.
    • Keep it above the fold to increase the scanability of the main message or offer.

    Takeaway:High-quality CTAs must be visible, eye-catching, and hard to ignore. These should entice readers to do more than just read but click on the button/link and learn more about your brand or eventually, make a purchase.

  5. Have mobile-friendly landing pages.

    Did you know that mobile devices generated 48.71% of global website traffic in 2019? That means those using smartphones and handheld devices made up nearly half of all website traffic. That also means landing pages must be optimized for mobile users.


    Having a mobile-friendly, responsive email design won’t be much help if your website isn’t optimized for mobile users. To ensure high conversion rates, make sure your landing pages are highly scannable and easy to navigate.

    Takeaway: Mobile-optimized emails AND website landing pages go hand in hand for increasing conversion rates among email subscribers.

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