Customer Appreciation: Building Relationships That Last

Establishing and keeping solid connections with customers is crucial to the success of any small business.  If you’ve established trust with your client, they’ll be more likely to hire you again and recommend you to others. 

Companies can save time and money by re-engaging the same talented once they’ve been onboarded once.  When you establish trust with your customers, they are more likely to hire you again for future projects. This is because they know they can count on you to deliver the results they need. 

How to Build Relationships that Last  

1. Give each customer your undivided attention. 

Although you and your client have a business connection, it helps to show that you value them as more than just a financial transaction. How much of a personal interest you should take in your customers depends on the nature of your business, the type of customers you serve, and the temperament of each individual customer. You can assume your client is a parent if you question them about their kids. Closer relationships call for more personable approaches; for example, sending a client an article about their favorite band via email. 

2. Share your knowledge and involve clients in the process.

Clients who are unfamiliar with your field of expertise may feel alienated from the creative process because of the gap in understanding that results. Now is your chance to establish credibility and trust with the client by providing them with details about your services. Your client will appreciate feeling informed and included in the process if you take the time to explain your actions, your rationale, and the steps you took to reach your conclusion. 

3. Maintain steady and efficient communication. 

The importance of prompt, effective communication cannot be overstated. It’s easy for communication to suffer when everyone’s attention is focused on getting the job done. That’s why it’s crucial to clearly and consistently communicate throughout the process. It should be established early on that you will collaborate with the client to create value statements that are in line with their business objectives, and that you will measure project success in terms of these value statements. 

The constant and unreasonable interruption of your personal time and work output by communication with a single client is unacceptable. However, accessibility shows that the success of the project and the client’s happiness matter to you. 

A solid client relationship is built not only via prompt and detailed communication, but also through encouraging clients to feel safe sharing their thoughts and concerns with you. Their opinions and considerations ought to be heard and valued. 

4. Be transparent and provide honest assessments. 

Clients will stick with you for the long haul if they know they can rely on you as an authority figure. That’s why it’s so important to always be transparent about your honest assessments of what’s in the best interest of the project from a professional standpoint. It’s human nature to want to look nice and avoid awkward confrontation at all costs. This may lead you to tell a customer what they want to hear or to suppress your honest judgment on their project. 

However, not only are such actions ineffective, but they can also harm your reputation and make a permanent connection less likely. Customers will admire your confidence and dedication to doing a good job when you give them your honest feedback. 

5. Stay enthusiastic and passionate about your work. 

As a self-employed expert, you’re accountable for a wide range of things. It’s crucial to put on a happy front for customers, no matter how anxious or overwhelmed you may feel on the inside. Be enthusiastic and sure of yourself, just as you would like your clients to be. Customers like those they work with who exude enthusiasm and passion for their business. 

6. Understand your client’s needs and expectations. 

You need to know the ins and outs of your client’s situation to be successful. Focus on the project’s specific aims and objectives at the micro level. On a broader scale, however, you’ll want to learn more about the client’s culture and how this project fits into the bigger picture of the company. Gaining insight into your client’s motivations is crucial to establishing a solid foundation of trust and admiration. 

7. Go above and beyond expectations. 

Establishing credibility as an autonomous expert who consistently exceeds client expectations is a great strategy to attract and retain customers. Be careful not to overstate your abilities or promise outcomes that are impossible to achieve. By preparing the client for what to expect from the project, you can win their praise and cement your reputation as a reliable partner for future endeavors. 

8. Adapt to your client’s communication style. 

Successful consultants are flexible in their approach and are willing to use whichever means of communication are most comfortable for their client. Your customer may, for instance, like video conferences or text messages over emails. 

While some people are more interested in a conversation, others are simply looking for information. The secret is to be adaptable; instead of going into a conversation expecting a certain kind of exchange to take place, focus instead on the goals you have for the talk. 

Engage your emotional intelligence by trying to understand the customer’s perspective and motivations in order to better adapt your communications and interactions with them. 

9. Stay humble and acknowledge the client’s expertise. 

You were employed because of your knowledge, but any decent consultant recognizes that the client knows more about their business than anybody else. Perhaps they have insider knowledge that will assist you reach a crucial stakeholder or understand their market position. 

Defer to your customer as the authority on their specific company and line of business, keeping humble in your line of inquiry about how to best approach the problem and the solution in a way that will work for their firm. 

10. Employ methods for well-organized project delivery. 

Making a good impression on customers requires well-organized project delivery. Make use of project proposal, contract, SOW, client reports, and professional invoice to ensure a smooth delivery of your services. Using these resources, you can improve your business acumen and professionalism while also increasing transparency and keeping tabs on your projects’ progress. 

Think like your customer and find out what they would find useful. Aesthetically pleasant presentation, personal delivery of information with a thorough walkthrough or demonstration, or the addition of a modest value-adding element that improves the final results are all examples. For loyal clients, a token of appreciation and thanks following important business milestones or around the holidays can be an unexpected delight that enhances your professional relationship. The trick is to look for ways to go above and beyond that your customers will truly value. 

11. Listen to your client’s feedback and make improvements. 

Asking for feedback allows your client an opportunity to express their opinion about how you delivered your services and recommend methods to improve. This will help you improve your service for future customers and will also demonstrate your appreciation to the customer whose input you want. Make a questionnaire with a survey tool like qualtrics or email a Word document with questions and space for responses. Send a thank-you note after you’ve received the information to show your gratitude for the source’s efforts. 

12. Stay in touch even after the project ends to deepen the relationship 

Keeping in touch with clients after a project has concluded is a fantastic approach to deepen your working relationship with them. Tell them about the groundbreaking work you’ve done for another client (the name can be withheld) or the new skill you’ve acquired. You may boost your credibility and position yourself favorably for future deals by doing this. 


By embracing these principles, you’ll not only build strong, long-lasting client relationships but also set your business up for sustained success and growth. Remember, appreciating your customers is the foundation for a prosperous future. 

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