Content Optimization Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

Content Optimization Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

Website content plays an integral role at different stages of the marketing funnel. Leverage optimization strategies to increase site discoverable factor, ranking, and conversion rates.


First, here are the 7 content types that contribute to the highest conversion rates.


1.    Website Articles 

This is usually the primary content type for reader engagement. To ensure target audience will enjoy your website articles, follow these tips: 

  • Focus on their interests, needs, and expectations 
  • Support claims with data 
  • Include images, videos, and other visuals 
  • Use semantically related keywords in on-page elements 
  • Don’t let ads obscure content


2.    Research Reports 

Content with reliable data from various industries is a huge traffic magnet. Free research reports with interesting insights and expertise can increase site viewership.


3.    Social Media Content 

Most people are visual learners which is why image-rich content perform better on site and on social media. 


4.    Video Graphics 

Study says that 73% of adults spend at least three hours a day watching videos online. Incorporating interactive elements within your content attracts relevant traffic and creates higher viewer engagement.


5.    White Papers/Case Studies 

White papers or case studies offers the best of both worlds: education and promotion. This enables websites to become thought leaders and influencers at the same time without trying too hard or trying to trick readers into buying something that’s not genuinely useful for them.


6.    Webinars 

Pandemic aside, webinars are so much more convenient than in-person seminars. To increase webinar success rate, follow these tips: 

  • Best day of the week to conduct webinars: Tuesdays 
  • Best time of the day to conduct webinars: between 10 and 11 am 
  • Best webinar resource: Q&A sessions 
  • Average webinar length: 45 minutes 
  • Average webinar cost: $100


7.    Infographics 

Want to share data points in a non-boring way? Infographics will get the job done. Make it visually striking, easily understood, and enjoyable with minimal text focusing on a solution, and you’ve got an amazing content type that increases conversion rates.



How to optimize content to increase conversions?


1.    Social Media Visuals 

Social media platforms are highly effective to attract target audience, generate quality leads, and turn first-time site visitors into paying or recurring customers. Create better visuals for your content to educate existing followers and to gain new customer base. 


2.    Landing Page 

Landing pages are the first thing visitors interact with after clicking on ads or links. Content for landing pages must be compelling enough to make them want to stay and decide to purchase your site offering. 

  • Headline: Make it short, catchy, and relevant enough as if speaking directly to the readers. An attention-grabbing headline is displayed right in the center of the page. 
  • Body: Create content that will generate interest and heighten curiosity about site products or services. Short explanatory statements, bulleted list of benefits, or even demo videos can be more effective than long-winded paragraphs. 
  • Call-to-Action: Choose words that are encouraging, actionable, and straight to the point. Optimizing this part of the landing page will ensure that visitors will do exactly what they are told to do.


3.    Content 

Find balance between crafting industry-relevant content and aggressively pushing your site offering or merchandise. Informative, interesting, and valuable content can easily win the hearts of target audience. Plus, they would readily share it with others which can increase your reach. 

When users find your content to be informative, interesting, and valuable for them, they are easy to win and won’t need telling to share.


4.    On-Page Elements 

Content is king but it isn’t about the content itself all the time. Presentation matters if only to make a well-written piece of content more impactful.  Pay attention to appropriate subheadings, descriptive image captions, and logical CTAs. Include social share buttons and custom imagery, too. Let different text blocks and elements stand out by taking advantage of whitespace. When on-page elements complement each other, it won’t be too difficult to convert readers into loyal customers. 


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