The new normal is filled with online meetings, events, and seminars. This unprecedented phenomenon has changed the way that we work. 

With most of our work migrating online, you can attend your meetings from anywhere. It’s easier to set, attend, and customize meetings. You don’t need to deal with traffic or move from one venue to another. You can literally jump from one appointment to the next without getting up from your desk.  

The online calendar experience is convenient as you can really maximize your productivity and schedule. However, it can also get overwhelming. There’s a lot of noise in every person’s digital space, with everything from work to family gatherings moving to virtual platforms. This makes it essential to stay organized and stay on top of your schedule.  

The best way to do this is to use appointment scheduling technology. This software allows you to manage appointments and bookings. Appointment scheduling is not new. It has always been part of many businesses’ strategies for years. It helps businesses stay on top of their schedule and run the company smoothly.  

Today, appointment scheduling technology is even more critical as they’re one of the only ways to interact with clients, build rapport and trust. This all-in-one booking solution allows you to improve the online calendar experience, secure more appointments, and reduce no shows. They are convenient, personalized, and provide one-on-one service and attention. Appointment scheduling is a winning strategy to improve the customer experience. Investing in appointment scheduling technology such as TikiBar is one of the best ways to meet the increasing demand for online appointments.  

TikiBar is an all-in-one booking solution that allows potential clients to schedule an appointment. It saves time and friction with the back and forth of manually checking schedule and availability. They can set and secure appointments instantly. This could spell the difference between making or losing a new customer.  

Adding TikiBar to your website gives you a powerful tool to help convert leads into customers and boost your business. It makes setting appointments smooth, easy, and effortless. This is the most efficient way to customize meetings and manage your schedule. Just indicate the available time slots of all your salespeople, set up TikiBar and never miss a lead again.  

Here are the top benefits of using appointment scheduling software:  

  1. Appointment scheduling technology builds customer satisfaction and loyalty

Customers have full control of the appointment booking process. They can set the time, date, and platform or location that works for them. Appointments are a great opportunity to interact with your customers and exceed their expectations.  

By using appointment scheduling technology, you already start with your best foot forward. By allowing your potential clients to schedule an appointment as they want, you help provide them with the personalized service they seek and let them know how much you value their time and convenience.  

Appointment scheduling technology helps you provide personalized and exceptional service. This strengthens your long-term relationships with your clients. As the customers continue to feel like they’re doing business with a company that knows them as a person, their satisfaction and loyalty will grow. These happy customers will keep coming back to you and share their positive feedback with friends and family.  

  1. Appointment scheduling technology increases revenue 

Eliminating drop out points in the buyer’s journey does a lot more than just keep customers happy. It also provides more conversions and more revenue for your company. Most companies who invest in an all-in-one booking solution such as TikiBar see increased revenue and conversions immediately.  

Amidst the pandemic, the human interaction provided by appointments is so important. More than just the product, your customers crave the attentiveness and responsiveness that has become increasingly rare in the increasingly digital landscape. When you secure more appointments, you allow your employees to build deeper relationships with your customers resulting in more profit. Beyond the “schedule appointment” function, TikiBar helps you connect with your clients at an authentic level. 

According to Boston Consulting Group, customers are 110% more likely to add items to cart and spend 40% more when their shopping experience is highly personalized. TikiBar allows you to do that as it makes it a breeze to schedule an appointment. 

  1. Appointment scheduling technology empowers employees

Your all-in-one booking solution such as TikiBar never sleeps. “Schedule appointment” has never been easier. Since appointment scheduling technology lets customers select and secure appointments using web-based systems, they can log on 24/7. This helps your representatives get leads around the clock, even while they sleep. It allows you to secure more appointments. 

TikiBar saves your team from the time and energy wasted from booking, rescheduling or canceling appointments manually. It is proven effective to help reduce no shows. This gives them time to focus on other, more important tasks or prepare for their upcoming appointments. It also shows your team an overview of exactly who they will be assigned to meet with on a shift. Appointment scheduling technology like TikiBar increases efficiency and productivity because it lets them manage their time and days to be as productive as possible.  

Appointment scheduling technology does that all for you while collating and organizing your customer’s details to make sure you’re prepared for your meeting. These help your representatives offer more personalized service and build a stronger relationship with your clients. 

TikiBar, the all-in-one booking solution, supports your team so they can secure more appointments and do the best possible work. It helps find the leads, gathers their information, seamlessly and conveniently secure appointments, and then close the deal by improving customer experience and satisfaction. Your employees will certainly enjoy TikiBar just as much as your clients will. 

  1. Appointment scheduling technology makes your business more efficient

There are so many factors to consider to secure appointments in the digital landscape. Many people, even within one company, could live in different time zones. With multiple employees and multiple customers living all over the world, it would be a nightmare to manually manage the online calendar experience. Appointment booking technology eliminates this stress so your employees save time and you save money.  

By allowing customers to manage their scheduling process, they can reschedule or cancel easily. In addition to this, TikiBar also sends out automated appointment reminders. This improved channel of communication between the company and the customer reduces no-shows and cancellations. It helps make sure that you minimize the number of missed appointments.  

Appointment scheduling software has robust analytics that provides an overview of your employee capacity and efficiency. It effectively reduces employee downtime which costs service-based businesses so much money every year. By providing a steady flow of appointments and allowing managers to have an overview of each team members’ schedule, TikiBar helps you make sure everyone is focused on serving customers as best as they can. 

  1. Appointment scheduling software helps you deliver more than what is expected 

Appointment scheduling allow you to take the extra step in serving your customers at every touch point. Even before the appointment, you already have information that will help deliver the best service. You can connect your client with the employee who has the exact personality and skills to deliver their exceptional and personalized service.  

On the day of the appointment, they receive reminders of their schedule. As the employee was given time to prepare, the appointment itself is an opportunity to build a deeper relationship. This delivers the best online calendar experience. 

After the appointment, TikiBar allows you to add additional notes and track the outcome. This helps the business grow by using the information to keep strengthening customer relationships.  

Through appointments, companies can exceed customer expectations. Understanding what customers want and need shows that your business cares and takes their desires seriously. Providing personalized interactions, especially amidst the pandemic, meet a deep craving that the modern customer seeks. 

Appointment scheduling technology empowers your current and future customers. It provides them with the best experience with you, on their terms and in their complete control. It allows them to completely control their online calendar experience, customize meetings and schedule an appointment as they please. It is the future and it is what could keep you afloat in the increasingly competitive industry.  

Ready to take the next step? Let go of the worries that come with scheduling appointments. Collect leads while you sleep, maximize your schedule, and save time for your employees and clients. Try TikiBar today!