A Guide to Email Trackers

A Guide to Email Trackers

In the business of marketing, email is one of the most important channels that can help reach your audience. Email marketing allows businesses to reach customers and help them stay aware of new offerings, promos, discounts, and other services. It is one of the easiest strategies to enact, but it is also the one that is harder to get right. 

Oftentimes, business owners have no idea what happened to the email they sent out to their customers or potential client. This is why there is software specifically built to address this concern. These are called email trackers.  

What Is An Email Tracker? 

Have you ever sent an email and waited for a reply, only to never receive one back? Did you ever wonder what happened? 

Email tracking is an essential tool that can help businesses maintain a presence inside their audience’s email inbox. With email tracking, you have the capability to monitor actions taken with your email. Want to know what happened to your email? The software within an email tracking system can notify you if the email you sent was opened, placed in spam, or got stuck inside your customer’s inbox. The tracker also captures data of click-throughs on any attachments or links included in the email.  

How Email Tracking Works 

Sending a tracked email is simple when you have an email marketing tracking tool like Riptide.  

Essentially, you only need to write an email and activate the tracker to be able to see the data you need. This will show on your tracking system, depending on how they track. There are three ways that email tracking can work: 

1. Image Pixels – The email tracking application applies a track to outbound photos. Once the recipient opens the email, the tracker within pixels of the photo will notify your system the moment your email is opened.  

2. Trackable Links – Once your recipient clicks through your link, the tracker is activated and can lead your recipient to your intended web address.  

3. Read Receipts – This type of email tracking is the simplest, and probably the most essential. Your email tracker can notify you once your email is read by the intended recipient. 

Advantages of Email Tracking 

Utilizing an email tracking tool for your email marketing strategy provides many benefits. Aside from knowing if your emails were received and opened — you also have the means to properly identify your target audience and customize an email that will catch their attention.  

1. Improve Email Insights 

Email tracking provides the necessary information to create better engagement with customers. It allows you to know who your audience is and understand their patterns. You can collate data and properly analyze it to create better outputs. This way, you can also take steps to reaching people outside of your initial email list.  

2. Create Better Marketing Strategies 

Having the insights, you need can lead you and your team to create better email marketing strategies. With the data, patterns, and knowledge that you have, you can formulate better ideas to entice your audience into clicking your links. You can strengthen your relationship and presence within their inbox. 

3. Email Tracking Allows You To Work Efficiently 

Email tracking can save you time. If you notice that a specific recipient never opened your first email, there is little chance that they will open the next. You can save resources by preventing other emails to be sent to a recipient that does not respond. However, you can also utilize this to make sure that you follow up with recipients who are open to your emails. Or, better yet, use this information to craft messages that will be opened by the target audience, in this way email tracking will help you test and learn to better hone and target your email marketing. 

Why Is Email Tracking Important? 

Email marketing can be hit or miss, but email tracking makes sure that it is always a hit! With email tracking software, there are fewer uncertainties around your email marketing strategy. As a business, you are informed and aware of your customer’s patterns and behaviors. This saves you time and resources that can be redirected to recipients who respond to your strategy.  

An efficient email tracking tool is essential to making an email marketing strategy that will work. Having a dashboard where all data is organized and arranged also helps you in understanding what your next steps should be. Choose an email tracker that can customize your emails using data-driven metrics to get the best results.  

Riptide Is The Only Email Tracking Tool You Need 

Get an email tracker that can help you create the most suitable email marketing strategies. Send emails that are tailor-made for their recipients using data-driven metrics. Try SwaysEast’s Email Tracking Tool, Riptide, and see what it can do for your business. You can try Riptide for FREE, today.