9 Signs You’re a Content Marketing Expert

Content Marketing Expert

Do you have what it takes to help your brand continue to put its best digital foot forward in the coming year? According to industry experts, here are 9 signs you’re a content marketing expert who can charm the socks off your readers in 2022. 

1. You put your audience first

Though it’s tempting to lead with how great your product is, you are always aware of what your audience is more interested in. Your priority is to find out what problem they are most likely trying to solve and what their own pressing needs are – so you can use your content to offer solutions. At some point, your product or service will come up, but this is not the only thing you focus on in effective content marketing

2. You leverage data to understand your audience

Data for content marketing experts is a vital tool that can help understand their audience better. It gives deeper insight into their target audience’s demographics as well as their wants and needs. This is why you make an effort to utilize the data you collect so you can analyze your target audience – and even segment it when necessary. You know this is crucial to create content that you believe will best appeal to that audience. Then, you leverage data again to gauge how they react to your content and make any necessary adjustments. 

3.You give your audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your company

Think theater, applied to content. Answer the question: “What will my audience find interesting to know about?” You provide a backstage show-and-tell for your target users or consumers – whether it be through storytelling, additional photographs, videos, or other formats. The strength of this type of information is that it doesn’t need to be created in the same format as the rest of your content. In fact, it’s often better if it’s complementary. 

4. You share outside value

It might seem counterintuitive to share anyone else’s content or solutions, but you know that consumers appreciate your willingness to add value through your content. That’s why you always share content and links from trusted sources because you know that this will further position your brand as a leader in its space and can generate valuable backlinks if any of those resources reciprocate. 

5. You use multi-channel marketing for content

Being on just one channel is no longer an effective strategy for brands. Consumers are exploring more channels than ever, and that’s exactly what you do. Instead of logging in to many different channels each day to post your content, you explore different solutions that allow you to publish to multiple platforms at once. This is a way to reach a broader audience base and get access to more data. 

6. You’re all about improving your skillset and self-teaching

The best content marketers learn new skills almost every day. Because so much of marketing overlaps and intersects it’s nearly impossible to be effective in any one single discipline without at least a baseline of understanding, skill, and experience in all of them. You are curious to know more about the elements of SEO, email, paid advertising, social, blogging, video, and of course the metrics and analytics to be able to accurately measure and analyze what’s working and what’s not.

7. You avoid creating duplicate content

Sometimes when creating content, you could lose track of the topics you have already covered. When you repeat content, it can harm the ranking of your webpages. That’s why when writing for a broad topic, you optimize all the different subtopics with relevant keywords while ensuring different subtopics are focused on different search queries. This way, you do not risk losing your ranking on Google. Moreover, audiences can also find information on various topics that educate them.

8. You measure your performance

Analytics is an important aspect of any successful marketing strategy. Data can give you useful insights on the performance of your campaigns. So you don’t leave out evaluating the performance of your website to see which pages are gaining more traffic, what type of keywords you are ranking for, and how your important landing pages are doing. 

9. You invest in content marketing tools

It’s a well-known fact that a successful content marketing strategy requires the right tools and technology to walk the talk. In fact, 75% of B2B content marketers rely on content marketing tools to help them better understand their target audience and to receive better insights about how their content is performing.  

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