8 Key Reasons to Use a Grammar Checker

8 Key Reasons to Use a Grammar Checker

Grammar checker can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes, improve your writing style and become a more confident, better writer. And if you’re the type of person who likes to use technology rather than a paperbound spell checker or dictionary then grammar checkers are for you! Here are 8 reasons why every business and freelancer need a grammar checker – no matter how well you write. 

1. Quickly and easily find the right word. 

The first reason to use a grammar checker is that it can help you find the right word. This is especially helpful when writing in technical or academic journals, where consistency of style and use of terminology are extremely important. 

The second reason is that using a grammar checker will make your writing faster, which means you’ll be able to get more done in less time. A grammar checker can help you find the perfect word at lightning speed. 

2. Find errors before you send your documents. 

Using a grammar checker is one of the most important parts of writing. It’s not just about making sure your document is grammatically correct, but also that it looks professional and polished. If you don’t use a grammar checker, you risk sending out something that looks unprofessional or sloppy. 

Imagine this scenario: You’re in charge of creating an annual report on behalf of your company’s marketing department. You’ve spent hours creating high-quality content for this report—and now it’s time to put it into action! Unfortunately, though, when you look over what you’ve written so far (or even after), there are many errors throughout each page.  

This makes your readers feel like they’re reading through poor quality work instead of something thoughtfully created for them. These people might even think less highly about your company because of all these careless (minor) mistakes. Having these errors detracts from our credibility within other departments too. Using an automated tool to check grammar as you write lets you avoid both internal and external frustration. 

3. Improve your writing style. 

Grammar checkers can help you improve your writing style. By automatically applying the proper use of punctuation, capitalization, and other writing conventions, you can avoid common mistakes that make a reader lose interest in your content. Grammar checkers also help you avoid using slang or colloquialisms in your content—which will keep it professional-looking and professional-sounding. 

If you’re working on a document that’s supposed to be published online or printed out in hard copy (such as an essay), then using grammar checkers will ensure that what’s being written is correct according to standard language rules. 

4. Master the quirks of every language. 

Every language has its own quirks, and software can help you avoid the most common pitfalls. For example, English is an ergative language (the subject of a sentence determines who performs the action). However, French uses nominative case for subjects and accusative for objects. These rules are not always consistent: English uses accusative pronouns when they refer to something that’s already been mentioned—like “those shoes” in this sentence—but French doesn’t use accusatives at all! 

Grammar checking software will keep track of these inconsistencies, so you don’t have to worry about them when writing your next paper or blog post. 

5. Check for plagiarism. 

It’s important to check for plagiarism before you submit your work. You don’t want to find out after the fact that someone else has used similar ideas or wording in their own work, which can make it look like you copied them without credit. 

A grammar checker will not only identify potential instances of plagiarism but also let you know if there are any other similarities between what other people have written and what is written by yours truly! 

6. Become a more confident, better writer. 

A grammar checker is a great tool for learning how to use the English language correctly, without having to worry about whether or not what you’re writing makes sense. As a writer, this can be liberating! You will become more confident in your own abilities and learn more about the English language as well. 

You may also find that using a grammar checker has helped you write faster because it gives you instant feedback on what needs work before sending off your work for publication or review by others. 

7. Keep up with the latest developments in grammar and spelling. 

A grammar checker is a fantastic way to keep up with the latest developments in grammar and spelling. You will be aware of new words and phrases, which can save you time when writing. And if you use a spell checker, it will help you stay up to date on your own work as well! 

8. Find and fix your mistakes, especially the ones you keep making over and over again. 

A grammar checker can help you find and fix your mistakes, especially those you keep repeatedly committing. 

It’s great for finding common errors that are easy to make. For example, if you’re writing an email or blog post and notice that there are two different ways of saying “I”, one of which is grammatically incorrect but sounds more natural than the other (e.g., “I am going”), then this tool will let you know what they are so you can avoid them in future writing projects. 

Grammar checkers also allow users to learn from mistakes made by others—and not just those made by their own writing style! You might have noticed that some people use contractions when communicating online; others don’t use them at all? It’s all about personal preference here but knowing how other people communicate can help improve yours too! 


Grammar checkers are free and easy to use, and they can help you catch embarrassing mistakes before they go out into the world or have a negative impact on your business or reputation. 

Since they’re mostly free, you can get the most out of them without spending a dime. They also help you catch embarrassing mistakes before they go out into the world or have a negative impact on your business or reputation. 

If someone were looking at your website and saw a typo in one of your blog posts, that could be confusing or annoying for readers. 

Grammar checkers are a great tool for improving your writing, but they’re not the only way to do so. If you want to learn more about grammar and spelling, there are plenty of resources available online that can help you out. And if you need some extra help getting started on correcting your writing style, consider signing up for a free trial of the all-in-one content creation tool Cabana by SwaysEast today! 

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