5 Reasons to Use Riptide

5 Reasons to Use Riptide

It’s happened to all of us: we try to send an email and expect a response or an action – but nothing happens. After a few days, and sometimes, weeks or months on end, you wonder: Did the intended recipients receive it or not? Is it in their spam folder? Did they open my attachments, click on my links, or even bother to scan through the whole content at all? 

The ability to track emails gives us the power to build and keep relationships in this very crowded and competitive inbox environment. It’s a good thing we now have software and tools to inform us of any action that the recipients have taken.  

What is email tracking? 

In email tracking, you keep track of emails that you send and use that information to make business decisions. Most email tracking tools keep track of open rates, times, and places, as well as clicks on links and attachments. Email tracking tells you when an email you sent has been opened or clicked on. It also tells you how many people have seen it. When you use email tracking software, an invisible image pixel is added to your emails. This pixel can tell when and where an email has been opened by a person. 

Why is email tracking is important? 

1. Saves time 

 No one wants to get multiple follow-up emails when they haven’t even opened the first one. Email tracking software enables you to see if your first email has been noticed by your recipients which means that if they don’t, they are less likely to pay attention to all succeeding emails. This helps you not waste time sending unnecessary follow-up emails and just focusing on warmer leads. 

On the other hand, if they click on the links in your emails and look at the proposal that was attached to it – you know that you’re currently at the top of their minds. It’s worth pursuing a conversation with them and establishing a relationship because they have shown interest in your first email. 

2. Provides context 

If you use email tracking, you can learn a lot about how you communicate with your contacts, networks, customers, or prospects. By paying attention to their relationship with you, you can improve your outreach. 

  • If you see that a contact has opened your email more than once in a day, it’s time to follow up. 
  • If you put links or attachments in an email, you will be notified if your contact has viewed them. 
  • If you sent a follow-up email, you could discover if the person you sent it to is reading it. 

3. Gives unique insight 

Let’s face it: It can be hard and frustrating to write an email and not knowing how to start or what to say to fill in that white space on the screen. 

With Riptide Email Tracking, you get more than just useful information about how your contacts are responding to the emails you send them. You can also see how long they’ve worked for their company, what their activities are on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media profiles, and any other information that they choose to share with you. 

Why Use Riptide for Email Tracking 

1. Understand your audience 

Use data-driven metrics to measure the success of emails even without a dedicated CRM or email marketing tool. Simple plug-in integration with your favorite email provider allows you to get information about how your audience is behaving. 

2. Get real-time analytics and access in-depth statistics 

Have a front-row seat to all the important email metrics through a comprehensive dashboard and easy-to-understand graphs. Make sure you know where and when your audience is reading your content or how they are responding to your emails while discovering how well your email marketing is working.   

3. Enable email integration 

Currently available on Outlook and Gmail, you can track emails on your target audience’s preferred email provider. 

4. Use tag filters 

Add tags to emails if you want to, making it easy to find them in the Tags section of the application. See emails that you’ve already labeled and look at the information that’s relevant to them. 

5. Assess email performance 

The number of clicks and the percentage of people who clicked on each link in your email can show you how effective it is. You can also see where the email was viewed from. 

Experience Better Business Success with Riptide 

Whether to communicate effectively, to navigate your target readers’ inbox productively, or to build and maintain meaningful relationships – a comprehensive email tracking tool like Riptide can do wonders for achieving your business goals. Get started FOR FREE today.