10 Best Ways to Thank Your Marketing Team for a Great Year so Far

Tired of the Same Old Thank You? Here are 10 Creative Ways to Show Your Marketing Team Some Love! 

It’s that time of the year when we need to pause, take a breather, and give a massive shoutout to the real MVPs of your company—your marketing team! But hold up, before you grab that generic gift card, let’s talk about some game-changing ways to express your gratitude that’ll have your marketing team feeling all the warm fuzzies. Because let’s face it, nothing says “we appreciate you” like a thoughtful gesture. 

Reality Check: How is Your Marketing Team’s Morale this Year?  

In the hustle and bustle of the business world, it’s easy to overlook the heartbeat of your company—the marketing team. How’s their morale holding up this year? Are they feeling the love, or are they drowning in a sea of generic “thank yous”? According to a recent survey, a whopping 40% of employees feel like the recognition they get is as empty as the office coffee pot on a Monday morning. Yikes! Let’s change that narrative, shall we? 

The Power of Thanks  

Picture this: a workplace where appreciation isn’t just a box to tick but a culture, a vibe, a whole mood! It’s not about the size of the gift; it’s about the heart behind it. And trust us, your marketing team craves that connection. In a world where remote work can feel isolating and in-office dynamics can get a bit dusty, a genuine “thank you” can be the glue that holds your team together. 

Your marketing team is unique, and so should be your appreciation. Mix and match these creative gestures to create a symphony of gratitude that resonates with each individual. When your strategies, processes, and rewards align, get ready to witness a marketing powerhouse in action! 

10 Creative Ways to Thank Your Marketing Team 

  1. Host a Meal

One of the best ways to demonstrate your appreciation, foster team spirit, and raise morale is to have a meal together. There are a number of options for group meals, including going out to eat, booking a banquet space, or ordering in. Just make sure you pick a food with a broad appeal, respect any dietary requirements, and don’t arrange the occasion at a time that will create scheduling issues. And while everyone is here, you might as well make a speech expressing your gratitude. 

  1. Celebration Time!

Your marketing crew thrives in a creative environment, right? So why not throw a themed party to commemorate their triumphs? Let the good times roll, and watch as the creative juices flow, paving the way for even more stellar projects. 

  1. Team Outing 

Does your team swing a mean golf club or prefer a night of fine dining? Tailor your appreciation by treating them to a golf outing or a night at their favorite restaurant. And hey, if sports aren’t their scene, a casual drink outing works wonders too! 

  1. Time Off Delight

If your team isn’t all about the Benjamins, consider the gift of time. Offer a well-deserved day off to recharge or spend quality time with family. It’s a break from the hustle that speaks volumes about your appreciation. 

  1. Shout Out Showcase

Let your marketing superheroes bask in the spotlight! Create a shout-out board showcasing their achievements, goals, and a picture to boot. It’s a visual testament to their success and a motivator for even greater feats. 

  1. Getaway Treat

After a grueling project or a demanding year, everyone needs a breather. Encourage your team to take that much-needed vacation by offering it as a reward. A well-rested team is a high-performing team! 

  1. Give Benefits

Delve into the personal side of your team members. What tickles their fancy? A spa day, a coffee spree, or a shopping spree? Gift cards tailored to their preferences show you’ve got your finger on the pulse of what makes them tick. 

  1. Empowerment Hour

Some team members are born leaders, waiting for their time to shine. Identify those shining stars and hand them the reins for a day. It could be a small promotion or just acknowledging their competence, either way, it’s a confidence booster. 

  1. Employee Day Extravaganza: Recognition is a universal language, and your marketing champs deserve it from all corners. Make a day all about them—order lunch, create custom signs, or funky hats highlighting their accomplishments. It’s simple, personal, and oh-so-effective.
  2. Lottery of Triumphs: Who says lotteries are only for big wins? Institute an in-house lottery where your marketing maestros can earn “tickets” for outstanding work. The prize? It could be cold, hard cash or other exciting incentives. It’s like the lottery, but without the questionable odds!

In a world full of generic “thank yous,” be the leader who stands out! Your marketing team deserves more than a pat on the back; they deserve a parade of appreciation. So, whether it’s a surprise treat or a handwritten letter sent straight to their door, make it personal, make it memorable, and watch your marketing mavens light up with gratitude. After all, a happy marketing team is a powerhouse ready to take on anything! 

We’re thrilled that you’re exploring how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your workplace. As our thank you to you, let us help you expand your brand’s reach and grow your business with our SwaysEast Suite of Smart Tools. Schedule a FREE APPOINTMENT today.